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Fishing reports in Indian River Lagoon, Virginia Beach, and Atlantic Beach Classifieds for fishing tackle, used boats, and gear. Enjoy Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina saltwater fishing reports forum. Saltwater fishing reports forum.
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Write saltwater fishing articles and saltwater fishing reports, including tips, methods, tactics, or techniques about inshore or offshore gamefishing topics for your fellow sportsman's reading pleasure.

If you would like to write a saltwater fishing report or article for Fin Talk or if you just have a related article of interest you would like to have posted please contact us.
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Saltwater Fishing Reports

North Carolina fishing reports, Virginia Beach, Cape Hatteras Inlet, & Maryland fishing reports Saltwater Fishing Reports posted by saltwater charters, guides and everyday deep sea fishing enthusiasts. Find out what's biting or what lures are hot right now. Stay one step ahead of fish and check out our daily updated Saltwater fishing reports. Post your own reports and keep your fellow anglers informed on what fish are biting. Also share a little know how by using our Fishing Reports submission form to post some saltwater tips. At Fintalk we encourage you to post reports so all Fin Talk anglers can get information that will help them have a successful day on the water. Whether it's striper, marlin, or tuna, if you have a report you can post it right here on FinTalk Saltwater Fishing Reports.
UPDATE - Fall striper fishing is just around the corner and we will be ready with plenty of striper reports.
Latest Fishing Reports - Post Your Reports Here

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Saltwater Fishing Articles News Can't wet a line or go fishin today? Perfect time to catch-up on current saltwater fishing news or read a few saltwater fishing articles. Because has all around sportsmen we offer more than just fish articles. We also have hunting articles and conservation articles that address a wide range of topics.

What ever current recreational outdoors sports issues are we will bring you headlines that sportsmen find interesting. For instance, our saltwater fishing articles are based on a wide range of topics from recent fishing records to fish re-stocking efforts. These are important topics you can be informed about when you checkout's saltwater fishing articles and sportsmen's news!
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State Fish and Game

State Fish and game commissions Get State Fish and Game Regulations for all 50 states. Use these resources to access your states fish and game sites to find important information, including when open season on certain fish species begins or ends and what the minimum sizes and daily bag limits are.There's Texas fishing, South Carolina fishing and info for every state. In addition to state regulations you can learn fun fish and game information such as current Deep Sea and Freshwater Fishing Records and what angler holds the current record for the fish common to your area whether it is flounder, redfish, or marlin.
Go here for Fish and Game Resources

Saltwater Tide Predictions

Saltwater Tides So you have your marine weather reports and your sportfishing trip is a go. Now you need your Tidal Predictions for that extra edge so your trip will be successful. Your buddies said they hit the striped bass on the end of the out going tide. When is high tide or slack tide even? No matter what region you fish we have Saltwater Tide Predictions for your area. Get tide predictions for Oregon Inlet in North Carolina to Indian River Lagoon in Florida to 3000 other USA tide stations.
Tidal Predictions

Marine Weather and Buoy Reports Marine weather reports include NOAA buoy data observations with water temperatures, wave heights, and swell intervals for charter boats heading offshore sport fishing. The marine weather reports cover the Atlantic and Pacific oceans for every region like the Cape Hatteras Outer Banks in North Carolina, the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia and Maryland, and both coasts of Florida. Whether you are recreational anglers, commercial fishermen, or fishing charters our marine weather reports will give you an important marine fishing forecast before you launch. Don't put lives at risk, get updated marine weather reports before you leave the dock.
Marine Weather Reports
Buoy Data Observations

Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots Been tying that same old fisherman's knot over and over for every species? The fisherman's knot, also known as a clinch knot is a good knot but not for every situation. Different species and different situations call for different fishing knots. Tuna fisherman need have little interest in knots used by trout fisherman, who, in turn, uses knots that are not necessarily suitable for bream fisherman. All sportsmen should have at least 3 or 4 fishing knots in their arsenal that they can quickly tie.

Likewise you should feel confident in your knot and know that it won't come loose when you hook a big daddy? See our knot library for detailed instructions on tying fishing knots. Why take chances losing lunkers because you had a granny knot? Whether it's a snell knot, bimini twist, palomar knot, or offshore swivel knot, we have know how on these and many more knots for you. Also some basic must know knots for the boat.
Fishing Knots

Sea Surface Temperatures

sea surface temperatures, sst charts Sea Surface Temperatures for Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf Coastal regions. As long as there isn't cloud cover you can get daily SST Charts . AND coming SOON we will have a completely updated version of Sea Surface Temperature charts that will have GPS, Navigation, & Long/Lat capabilities!
Sea Surface Temperatures

Fishing Forum, Message Boards

Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Bay Fishing Message Boards, Forums and Discussion Saltwater Fishing Forum - Fintalk's featured forum is the perfect place to discuss all aspects of recreational fly, surf, pier, or sport fishing. Our forum is a great place to shoot the breeze with your fellow saltwater sportsmen from hot spots like Cape Hatteras, Virginia Beach in VA, and places from Charleston to Fort Lauderdale and more.

Our Fishing Message Boards are for discussing everything from saltwater fishing reports to fishing in the Chesapeake Bay to flats fishing in Florida. Post saltwater reports, tips, or know how so other anglers can get updates for their region. Have a BIG CATCH but can't wait to brag about it? Want to find some HOT FISHING SPOTS? Discuss all these topics plus many others in our forum right now, even create your own Photo Album or bragging board so others can see your catch too. Also read saltwater reports posted by saltwater fishing charters that post in the forum.
Go here for Mid Atlantic and East Coast Fishing Message Boards


Fishing Charters Around The World

Find charter fishing for Alabama to Florida to North Carolina and all regions north and south including Maryland and Virginia Beach fishing charters including the Chesapeake Bay too. We have charters and guides for saltwater fishing hot spots in every US salt water state like Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale , and Cocoa Beach fishing spots. And coming soon international charter hot spots like Costa Rica Fishing regions.

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Get Onboard A Boat Today Featured Fishing Charters and Business Spot for Sportsmen. This is a directory for outdoor recreational related businesses such as fishing charters , Saltwater Fishing Guides, and other related services. For instance, if you catch a once-in-a-lifetime trophy fish you may want to create a beautiful record of it for your wall so you will need taxidermy services. Or you can check out what the best saltwater fishing charters are for yellowfin or other saltwater game fish. The directory has more than Saltwater Fishing Charters too, maybe what you're targeting isn't an offshore gamefish at all and services of an inshore guide will suffice just fine.

For all sportsmen's products and services you may need whether it is saltwater charters, saltwater guides, custom rods, or gear Fintalk will bring you reputable recreational business products or services. So next time you need saltwater fishing charters, salt water fishing guides, or general outdoors equipment or services check out The Fintalk Charter & Guides:
Charter Fishing Boats & Sportsman's Businesses .

Fishing Classifieds Looking to buy or sell a boat? How about an outboard motor, rodnreel, or hunting gear? Use our fishing classifieds to buy and sell these items and others like marine electronics, tackle, tools, trucks, and camping gear. Enhance your classified ad by using our photo upload feature to increase your chances of a quick sale by over 150%. Use our fishing classifieds to buy and sell these items and others like marine electronics, fish finders, tackle, tools, trucks, and camping gear.
Sportsman's Classifieds

Weather Forecast In addition to our marine weather reports we have our land lovers weather forecast. This weather in combination with our buoy data and marine weather report has you covered worldwide. Whether it's saltwater fishing in Florida for flounder or fishing the Gulf Stream for marlin you can get an updated fishing forecast. In addition to marine weather this forecast features live radar, satellite loops, current conditions, and long range forecasts.
Weather Report and Forecast

Fishing Maps

Ocean Marine Charts It doesn't matter what region you fish because we have saltwater fishing maps for all oceans. You can easily view these saltwater fishing maps by simply knowing zip codes for areas you are going to fish. Find maps of Hatteras Inlet NC to Charleston SC and every other inlet along our coastlines. In addition to nautical charts you can view Topo Maps, Aeronautical Charts, and Naval Photos. All charts and maps are easily printed which can be saved on your hard drive for future use. Just another tool for your saltwater fishing arsenal. Nautical Charts

Fishing Pictures

Saltwater Fishing Pictures - salt water fish pics OK fellow anglers now you can back up your fish stories by uploading your fishing pictures into our Gallery! We have created a few different categories so all your sporting pictures have a place. We have categories for inshore and offshore saltwater deep sea fishing pictures and we have a category for freshwater pictures too. You can upload all your pictures with ease and if you would like you may create your very own.
Fin Talk Saltwater Fishing Pictures>

Monthly Lunar Tables

lunar tables for fishing Check out our monthly Lunar Tables and see if the "man in the moon" is with you on your next saltwater deep sea fishing trip. Another great tool for your fishing arsenal.

This Month's Lunar Table

Fish Identification

fish identification Identify unknown species or simply learn more facts about species you recognize like flounder or rockfish. Check out our Fish Identification and learn feeding habits, swim range, ideal temperature and other fast facts about fish species that roam our North American Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Use our fish species database to learn about a variety of fish species. If you are saltwater fishing regularly then you will catch an unknown fishing sooner or later. When you do......
Go here for Fish Indentification

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