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Fishing Website Design, Marine Web Site Designs
Saltwater Fishing - Advertising Information

Fintalk Fishing Directory Facts

Fishing website designs, advertising, and marketing for your charter service or fishing businessSportsmen's Fishing Business Alert!

  • Skip the outrageous newspaper ad prices. You can target anglers and sportsmen for a fraction of phone book and newspaper prices. Plus - you can track every click and page view your ad gets! Can't do that with paper or phone book ads but you can at
  • List your fishing charter or fishing service in the Fintalk Featured Business Directory and have total control of your ad - Track hits, change pictures, or update your ad ANYTIME with your very own control panel.
  • Your site can benefit from Banner Advertising - Because banner ads can vary so much Email us or use the form below.
  • We will work with you on anything
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Here are a few facts from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

  • Outdoorsmen, be they novice or professional spend over $100 BILLION dollars anually on the outdoor recreational sport of their choice.
  • Over 80 million Americans participated in fishing, hunting and related outdoor recreation.
  • Over 60 BILLION dollars is spent anually on fishing, hunting and other outdoor related gear. Yes, we said BILLIONS and these were stats from their latest 5 year survey in 2006.
    This number will be larger in 2011.

If you don't read anything else READ THIS:

We know most fishing business owners are skeptical or hesitant to spend money for online advertising.
You have probably never done it before and after all the internet is still relatively new. But if you have a website you must have thought the internet was going to help your business, right?

Having a website is nice for customers to go to but if you are not ranked in the top 20 and preferrably top 10 your website will rarely if ever bring in new business. That is an internet fact!

Take for instance the search term Salt Water Fishing Charters - If you happen to run a salt water fishing charter then your charter fishing website almost has to be in the top 20 to generate leads and bookings. Specialists who track these things say if your site is lower than #30 then your website might as well be invisible. If you are not in the top 20 for the term salt water fishing charters what would you pay to have your site in the top 20, top 10, how about number one #1 ?

Consider these ad prices:

The Miami Herald 3 line ad for 7 days - Cost $185.00 - You only reach sportsmen in Miami

The Virginian Pilot 4 line ad for 8 days - Cost $165.00 - You only reach sportsmen in Tidewater VA.

The Yellow Pages 1/2 page ad for 1 year - Cost $5500.00 - Again, you only reach sportsmen in a couple cities.

Now Consider - Worldwide Coverage!.
FinTalk Fishing Charter & Fishing Service Directory - Full Screen Ad for 1 Year is only $96.00 for our most popular listing. For $144.00 your business can ride our top search rankings to success.
As of November 14th, 2006 we are top 3 site for a Google search of Saltwater Fishing Charters and many other top terms for saltwater fishing.

List your site and you and your website can enjoy the benefits of instant website traffic, immediately you will begin to receive traffic to your site.

Top keyword ranks for various fishing terms means you and your website will benefit from FinTalk's top Google , MSN, and Yahoo rankings.

Why is one of the few fishing sites you Should Advertise On:
  • We are dedicated to providing sportsmen with free and up to date fishing information thus giving them incentive to return repeatedly where they see your ad. AND Fintalk users are 99% sportsmen so your ad stays in front of your "Target Customers".
  • YES WE HAVE TOP SEARCH RANKINGS, BUT we do not rely on them alone. So many fishing websites try to increase their search engine rankings all from the comfort of their computer lounge chair but do nothing in the real world to promote their site. How convenient for them while you are spending money on a site that is NOT DOING ALL it can to bring in traffic. Even with our high search engine rankings we are actively out and away from the computer marketing our site. We have numerous ad campaigns ourselves to make the MOST out of your advertising dollar. You should see our boat - F I N T A L K . C O M - Down both sides of our 22' Challenger.
  • We are constantly inventing ways to improve how we promote your business and are dedicated to our work and this website. We are not the cheapest price straight up - there are cheaper but what kind of search rankings do they have? If you compare our search rankings with 99% of all fishing sites we are the cheapest. Fintalk gives you THE MOST for your money when you consider our search ranks.

Directory Listing Prices: See Detailed Features

For all other ads use the contact form below.

  • Silver Package - $96.00 With a Silver listing you get an email link so customers can contact you, you get a link to your website (if you have one), and you get a map link that shows a map to your business. You get a "Top Pick" Icon alongside your ad when it appears in a search result. saltwater fishing charters, fishing guides, tackle services You can also include your company logo with your ad. Silver Ads are listed above Bronze Ads in all listings.
  • Gold Package - $144.00 With a Gold Package you get your business email link, your business webpage link, a detailed map link that shows your business location. Also you get to add your logo and two (2) product icons or pictures with your ad. Gold Ads are listed above Silver and Bronze Ads in all listings.
  • Sponsor Package - $192.00 Sponsor Package has everything Gold has but you are listed in your very own category and there is no confusion when customers view your ad because you stand out above the rest!. With Sponsor Package you are listed at the top of the page all alone in your very own category above all other ads, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.
  • THE WEBSITE PACKAGE - For those of you without a website this is by far the best package we offer. We can create a 5 to 8 page website with your custom company logo's and photo's for a far better price than you may expect. You can add things like a photo gallery or products page to enhance your webpages. Contact for details on a Website Package for your business.
  • See our info and examples of our Charter and Guide Sites that we can build for you.

Use The Advertising Contact Form Below
  • Use this Contact Form For Advertising Details: CONTACT FORM
  • Use this form to open your charter, guide, and fishing accounts: Get Listed Today

For Prices on Advertising in the
Featured Business Directory click
the following link:

Directory Advertising Prices


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