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Saltwater Fishing Resource - The FinTalk Angler of the Month!

Angler of the Month submission's Please complete as many fields as possible.

Do you want to be the Fintalk Angler of the Month?
Photos should be a frontal shot holding the fish you caught or released. We encourage pictures of all species of fish! When you submit the photo we would also like to have the fishing report and story behind your catch. We also need the who, what, when, and where. We would also like to have the name of the person who snapped the picture of you so we can give them credit as well. You can submit your photo (the highest resolution version you have) via the form below.  Please understand that submitting a picture does not guarantee that you will be selected as "Angler of the Month ". If you are selected we will let you know that we intend to post your photo as Angler of the Month .  By submitting your photo you also are consenting that you agree to the terms and conditions laid out it the fine print below. Also be aware that if you are Angler of theMonth that your picture may actually be up for longer than one month. The term "Angler of the Month " is a title ONLY and not a binding time specification. In other words Angler of the Month photos may appear for longer than 1month.

Angler's Personal Information
    * These lines are required
* First name :: 
* Last name :: 
* Email :: 
* City :: 
* State :: 
Country :: 
Phone :: 
Occupation :: 
Picture taker's name:: 
Fish Information
* City caught in :: 
* State caught in :: 
Marina launched from :: 
Caught day or night :: 
* Species :: 
Weight :: 
And/Or Length :: 
How long fought :: 
Bait Used-Lure,Live,Etc. :: 
Fish Style-Troll,Drift,Etc. :: 
Kept or released :: 
The Fish Story
*   Please use this text area to tell us the details about your catch. Include where you caught your fish, and any other details that you would like to appear in your "Angler of the Week" profile.
Upload Your "Angler of the Month " Photo's
  * Image 1
  Title of image
  Image 2
  Title of image

NOTE: Should you have any problems using this form please email your submission directly to

The Fine Print By submitting a photo (also called "Content") to to be considered for inclusion on its Website Service you grant Fintalk the world-wide, royalty free and exclusive commercial use license to use the photo on the Fintalk site or in other Fintalk promotional materials on or off the internet. By submitting the photo(s) you hereby certify that it is you in the photo or that you have received, or grant in the case of minors, permission to submit the photo and understand these terms. By submitting the photo via electronic communication, snail mail, or any other communication method, you grant Fintalk the license to use, distribute, adapt, reproduce, modify, and publicly display such Content on the Website.


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