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Angler of the Month - Archives

          Welcome to's

         Angler of the Month!

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Past Angler For:
May, 2005
Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month!
  Charter Fishing Trip - Saltwater Fisherman - Bob Woodbeck  
Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month!
Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month!
  saltwater angler - bob woodbeck - Caught on a Charter Fishing Trip  
Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month!
Angler of the Month! All about the Angler Angler of the Month!
Angler Name: Bob Woodbeck
City : Oliver
State : B.C.
Country: Canada
Occupation : Self-Employed 
Photographer : Marcos
Fish Information
City caught in: Puerto Vallarta
State caught in : Jalisco, Mexico
Marina launched from : Maritima
Time caught : Midday
Species : RoosterFish ( Nematistius Pectoralis)
Weight : 100 lbs
And/or length : 62 inches
How long was fight : Long Time - Enuff-Said
Bait used-live,lure,etc : Trolled Green Rapalla
Kept or released : Kept and Mounted
The Big Fish Story
   The rooster crowed on this fishing trip! Our latest Angler of the Month, Bob Woodbeck and crew made this trip from the extreme cold of a Canadian winter to the fishing paradise of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in search of fun, sun, and hopefully the catch of a lifetime. From the looks of the pictures I'd say Bob found all three. Especially the catch of a lifetime with this 100 lb Roosterfish that Bob eventually brought to the boat after a one on one battle that left not only the fish exhausted but Bob too. Bob says once the hook was set this monster started peeling off line at a fast and furious rate. Bob battled the Roosterfish until he was eventually able to get his head turned towards the boat and after getting some line back he finally saw the fish about 50' away from the boat. But that was it, this big daddy was gone again and stripped most of what Bob got back in the initial fight. This went on 3 more times until the fish finally tired and this Roosterfish was boated leaving Bob exhausted himself although excited at his catch of a lifetime.  Nice catch Bob and congratulations on being our Angler of the Month!
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Angler of the Month!   Angler of the Month!
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