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Angler of the Month - Archives

          Welcome to's

         Angler of the Month!

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Past Angler For:
January, 2007
Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month!
  Saltwater Fisherman - Jeff  
Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month!
Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month!
Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month!
Angler of the Month! All about the Angler Angler of the Month!
Angler Name : Bradford Dupras
City : Marion
State : Massachusetts
Country : USA
Occupation : School Student
Photographer : Brian
Fish Information
City caught in : Marion Harbor
State/Country caught in : Massachusetts
Marina launched from : Hammets Cove
Time caught : Early Evening
Species : Gray Trout, Sea Trout, Weakfish
Weight : 14.5 lbs.
And/or length : 34 inches
How long was fight : 10 minute plus fight
Bait used-live,lure,etc : Casting a Plastic Grub
Kept or released : Kept
The Big Fish Story

Now fellow anglers you are going to want to listen up to this story. Remember when you were a kid fishing with light tackle in your local pond or canal hoping to catch something big. Well this young fella has quite a story.

It was early evening just before dusk on May 22, Brad and his friend were fishing in Marion Harbor during the out going tide on a 9' inflatable boat. That's right a 9' boat. According to these anglers they had quite a few hits that evening from blues, striper, and a few small trout. They were just casting and jigging it back to the boat. Then Brad casted near a small sea wall when all the sudden a monster took the grub. It was a big gray trout or sea trout as they call them in the northeast that took nearly 10 minutes to get to the boat. Brad was only using a small freshwater rod n reel with only 7 pound test line so he had to wait for the fish to completely tire out before they could bring it in the boat. Now it gets interesting, here is Brad with the biggest fish of his young life on 7 pound test with no net on board and you know one quick run and the fish would break free. Well they had no net but they had a milk crate, and they used the milk crate to trap the fish so they could bring him on the boat. Usually the milk crate was used as the little raft's anchor. Well from good work Brad and congratulations on being the newest "Angler of the Month."

** NOTE: This is the biggest fish of his young career and Bradford is a member of the Buzzards Bay Anglers Club.

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Angler of the Month!   Angler of the Month!

Past Angler of the Month - Archives

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