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Saltwater Fishing Angler of the Month

Saltwater Fishing Angler of the Month!

Past Angler For:
Month of August

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Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month!
  Saltwater fishing angler of the month  
Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month!
Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month!
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Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month! Angler of the Month!
Angler of the Month! All about the Angler Angler of the Month!
Angler Name : Jon Stroh
City : San Juan Capistrano
State : California
Country : USA
Occupation : n/a
Photographer : Katie Donn (Girl Friend)
Fish Information
City caught in : Loreto
State/Country caught in : Southern Baja
Marina launched from : Launched of the Beach
Time caught : Midday
Species : Dorado (dolphin)
Weight : 65 lbs
And/or length : N/A
How long was fight : 30 minute fight
Bait used-live,lure,etc : Drifting Live Bait
Kept or released : Kept and Ate
The Big Fish Story
  This ain't flipper, NOoo, this isn't some mammal mistakenly called a dolphin either, this is the real thing - Mahi Mahi, Dorado, Dolphinfish, Dolphin, or the scientific name......... blah - blah - blah, didn't I same the same thing for last months angler?  Yes I did but it happened again, another nice dolphin has been boated and this month it was done by Jon Stroh and boy did he land a beautiful specimen. If last months dolphin was nice then this months is S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R ! This fish was caught in Loreto in the southern Baja and according to Jon they saw a big boil in the water of what they thought was a sailfish so they dropped a live Spanish Mackerel and circled the boat where they thought they saw the boil. It wasn't long before the fish took the bait and Jon was hooked up, but it wasn't a sailfish it was the 65 lb Dorado you see in the picture.

Fishing with his Penn 750 ss spinning reel on a Sabre rod Jon boated the 65 lb Dorado and also boated a 95 lb Sailfish. Jon was using only 25 lb test line and says boating these fish was the most fun he has ever had fighting fish.
Great fishing Jon! And congratulations on being's Angler of the Month!
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Angler of the Month!   Angler of the Month!
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