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April 2, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

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Location: Lahaina, Maui

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:20 pm    Post subject:  April 2, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui Reply with quote

Aloha from Lahaina Harbor. The bulk of the fish currently being caught off the leeward side of Maui are mahi mahis. Some nice mahis have been caught around the offshore buoys but there are also a lot fish being caught relatively close to shore. Besides mahis, there have been quite a few billfish around. The majority of the billfish are striped marlin, but some shortbill spearfish have been biting as well. If there are any questions about the fishing, feel free to call Deli in Start Me Upís Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii Time or email The photos below show some of Start Me Upís anglers and their catch from the last few days of March and the first day of April.

Josh Stevens and Barry and Julie Simonton came across a nice current line with lots of debris. They ended up finding a big piece of rubbish holding a bunch of mahis. At that point, Josh, Barry, and Julie sprung into action and caught these mahis. Thatís a nice haul for three anglers using light tackle.

Jack Walter was quick to respond after this mahi bit but didnít let his excitement get the best of him. Jack remained focused and got the fish safely to the boat. Jack and his family were excited to land the mahi, which was perfect for a family barbeque.

The usual steady trolling was interrupted when the line snapped out of the outrigger. Autumn Deda did not hesitate a bit and proceeded to boat her cow mahi.

Rachel Rhodes and Doug Dallman caught two mahis apiece. They caught their fish on lures while trolling the ledge that runs from LA buoy to Manele Bay, Lanai.

John and Susan Fisher, Deedee Hawk, Joshua Whitby, and Charlie Bean worked the ledge around the Lanai lighthouse. Their persistence was rewarded as the spot yielded four mahis.

James Toohey, Sean Krauss, and Mike Vennetti ended up with a bull and cow combination. James, Sean, and Mike caught their mahis by going two for two in the vicinity of the shoals of Kahoolawe.

Laura Kingsbury, who is an avid marlin hunter, took some time away from the big ones to catch this mahi while fishing with her good friend Sharon Wood. Laura has been addicted to big game sportfishing ever since she missed three blue marlin in one day.

Brenda and Bill Hedrick ended their day on a positive note by catching this mahi on an afternoon trip.

When this mahi bit, the captain yelled, ďDas it, now letís catch it.Ē Patrick Horsman did just that and everyone aboard was happy. Of course, Patrick was fishing on the Start Me Up Das It.

Phillies fans Jerry, Chris, and Colby Dougherty hit a home run when this mahi came streaking in on the short rigger and ate a chisel jet, which has been a productive lure for Start Me Up.

Mark and Shy Donaldson took part in a great day of fishing that included a triple striped marlin bite. Each brother ended up tagging and releasing one of those striped marlin.

Mark and Shy Donaldson along with Jeff and Kelly Trent had a very productive day. The anglers worked efficiently to catch this pile of mahi in addition to successfully tagging and releasing two striped marlin and capturing a third all on a triple strike.

The inside pinnacle called secret spot yielded a bull and cow combination for these two anglers. As confirmed by the wonderful retention of color in these mahis, secret spot is very close to Lahaina Harbor. The pinnacle is one of the major producers of fish caught on short trips.

Dylan Cyre made no mistakes when this striped marlin came to investigate the lures being dragged behind the boat. Dylan hopes that his Edmonton Oilers perform as flawlessly as he did in the upcoming hockey playoffs.

Both Austin Holtz and Curtis Greenfield demonstrated their situational awareness and sharp eyesight by spotting this mahi as the fish came into the spread and ate the lure running on the short rigger. Austin and Curtis caught their afternoon mahi just in time for the fish to be included in their dinner plans.

Dave, Casey, and Rhonda Franklin had some variety in their catch. The anglers finished the day with a couple of mahi and a striped marlin.

Phillip Shatrov, all the way from St. Petersburg in Russia, took full advantage of being in Hawaii and did something that he would never be able to do at home. Sportfishing in a tropical setting turned out to be a good experience for Phillip as he caught his first mahi mahi ever.

Ritz Castro, who had never before fished in Hawaii, teamed up with Jim Loughead to boat three mahis. All three fish were caught on lures while trolling.

Ethan and Colin Burnell had a very fun fishing trip. They caught a nice shortbill spearfish that weighed in at 42 lbs. and boated a pair of mahis as well. The fish were all caught behind Lanai in the vicinity of K buoy.

Jason Gardener and his best friend Rhys Fournier caught a mahi and a kawa kawa. Although Jason and Rhys had never gone sportfishing before, they both agreed that they would like to come out and fish again. Way to go guys!

Joe Mathes and his son Lawrence found a couple of fish on the troll. Their striped marlin and mahi provided some considerable excitement and a lot of fresh fillets.

Tim Kauper, Michael Mhastorovic, and Nathan Otero put some lures to good use and caught these three mahis on the troll. All of the anglers were excited about their catch.

The Bouchard family had a very pleasant experience on their bottom fishing trip with Start Me Up. The Bouchards caught a variety of bottom fish, including two nabetas, four laíi, a papio, and an uku. All of the fish are edible, but nabetas, papios, and ukus are especially delicious. Laíi heads and skin are even used as components of lures.

Out of all their fish, the Bouchard sisters were most proud of their matching nabetas.

Jon Lowrie, Josh Pollard, and Aaron Williams caught some nice fish. Jon landed the ono while Josh and Aaron were responsible for boating the mahis.

Dave Ritchie, Brandon Baker, Scott Henderson, Gary Walsh, and brothers Alex and Marcus Cunningham enjoyed a great day on the water. They went out on Start Me Upís early morning trip and used live bait around the buoys behind Lanai. The buoys were holding some fish and gave up a bunch of nice mahis in the twenty to thirty pound range. That is a pretty large collection of quality fish. Congratulations to the anglers on a job well done.

Thanks for checking out yet another Start Me Up fishing report. Any questions can be directed towards Deli in the Start Me Up booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii Time. Another option is to email With more productive fishing, the next report should be up fairly soon and should contain some nice catches. Until then, tight lines.



Stop wishin and go fishin!
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