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Chesapeake Bay Fishing in Maryland and Virginia

Chesapeake Bay fishing is a major tourism draw not only for many thousands of Maryland and Virginia anglers but also for multitudes of visitoring anglers that come from up and down the eastern seaboard and beyond every year. They come for the great big flounder, the large cobia, and the thick schools of striper that move down the Bay every fall season.

Reedville Marinas Virginia Marinas

The Chesapeake Bay and it's many inflowing rivers and surrounding tributaries is the place numerous area fishing charters and marine services call home. The area is also home to the Bay Bridge Tunnel which is the 17.6 mile span that crosses from Virginia Beach on the southern shore to Cape Charles and Fisherman's Island on the northern shore of the Bay. The bridge with it's two underwater tunnels has some of the best fishing in the Bay as it's many pilings, rocks, and channels make it one of the largest man-made reefs in the world.

Some of the most well known Chesapeake Bay charter fishing regions along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay include:

  • Cape Charles on the northern mouth
  • Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach
  • Lynnhaven Inlet and Little Creek Inlet
  • Norfolk, Willoughby, Hampton, Buckroe Beach
  • Yorktown, Reedville, Deltaville regions
  • Chesapeake Beach Fishing
  • Chesapeake City, Chestertown, Crisfield
  • Deale, Kent Island, Grasonville
  • Stevensville, Tangier Island
  • Ocean City on Maryland Atlantic Coast

Chesapeake Bay Fishing

Species of the Bay Include Trout, Flounder, and Striper

The Chesapeake Bay is where the once scarce striper now rules the roost, where big super sized flounder look like table tops, and where the Atlantic ocean flows in the mouth of the Bay past the Bridge Tunnel. Chesapeake Bay Fishing has always been considered to be some of the best and most plentiful inshore fishing on the East Coast. Known for big flounder, large gray trout, and the hardy striper the Bay area waters draw saltwater anglers and sportsmen from all over the world for charter fishing trips to the many thousands of bridges, rock piles, inlets, and channels that hold trophy sized fish.

Reedville Marinas Virginia Marinas

For regions like Deltaville, Reedville and the Upper Chesapeake Bay regional areas to Cape Henry and the famous Bay Bridge Tunnel a Chesapeake Bay Charter fishing trips can mean trophy size stripers, large gray trout, or super-sized cobia. Anglers looking to fish the Bay can search our site for fishing charters or guides for guided trips to all the regional areas we have mentioned for the trophy fish the Bay is famous for plus a variety of other fish common to Virginia inshore and offshore waters.
Common Fish for the Inshore and Offshore Area Waters

Chesapeake Bay Fishing on the Sea Gull pier Bridge-Tunnel Fishing on the Sea Gull fishing pier. Located at the first island of the Bridge-Tunnel anglers can catch many bay fish species including flounder, striper, and drum.

Chesapeake Bay Area Fishing Guides For

     Maryland Fishing and Virginia Fishing

Local Chesapeake Bay Charter Fishing Guides can show you why the region is considered by many to be the best inshore or near shore fishing locale on the east coast. Besides the many experienced guides there are numerous charter boats, fishing piers, and beaches along the Chesapeake Bay for some excellent surf fishing making the area a virtual fishing paradise. Because the area draws so many tourists and visiting anglers the fishing in Maryland and Virginia is big business for the region's local businesses. The many Virginia and Maryland marinas, fishing charters, commercial fishermen, and other related fishing businesses all benefit tremendously from the Bay and it's vast marine resources.

Sea Gull Fishing Pier

The Chesapeake Bay Fishing Pier, actual name the Sea Gull Fishing Pier cost $12.00 to gain entrance. The $12 fee is actually the toll to drive on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel - technically the pier is free. If you don't have a boat or are not looking for services of the many Chesapeake Bay fishing guides in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or Hampton area then the fishing pier may be another way for you to enjoy a Chesapeake Bay fishing trip.

For More Pier Fishing Information on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, CBBT for short or the Sea Gull Fishing Pier call (757) 331-2960.
Or visit Bay Bridge Tunnel Home Page

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