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Fishing Advertising and Why You Should Advertise On The Internet. At Least Some

If you have a website then you must have believed the internet could help your business.
I am here to tell you that internet advertising will help your business if used properly. But with that said .....

If your fishing guide or charter fishing website didn't bring in new bookings then DO NOT be disappointed.
We can help you get new fishing business.

Internet fact: At 10 results per search page less than 5% of searchers will go past page three which means if your website is not ranked in the top 30 results then it might as well be invisible.

If you can't get your site ranked in the top 10 then list your business on a site that does rank top 10. When it comes to getting customers online top 10 and even top 20 rankings make all the difference in the world.

Should you advertise on just any old fishing website? In a word - No.

Charter boat advertising, fishing boat charter ads, fishing guide ads, online advertising for fishing services, charter boat listings, guide listings, fishing advertisements Chesapeake Bay fishing from Maryland to Virginia, to trailering the boat to Oregon Inlet and Hatteras Inlet you may see our boat the drifting for a big flounder or trolling for a big striper. Stop by and say Hello!

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Successful Fishing Guide & Fishing Service Advertising Online

You are ready to advertise online, but still have reservations? Here are a few things to look for on any site you wish to list with:

  • Established in Fishing Circles: Is the site established or brand new? Brand new means no traffic & you should stay away for a while.
  • Professionalism: Does the website appear professional? Cheap sites get cheap results.
  • Search Rankings: Does the site have TOP search rankings? And I mean EXCELLENT, preferably Top 10 - Search a few terms on Google like Saltwater Fishing Charters or Saltwater Fishing
  • Website marketing: - Does the website have their own advertising and marketing plan? Do they market their site in the Real World - In Marinas, around boat ramps, even on the water like See Picture
  • Compare these Prices For Charter Fishing Ads?

    Consider these ad prices:

    The Miami Herald 3 line ad for 7 days - Cost $185.00 - You only reach Miami City and Dade County limits

    The Virginian Pilot 4 line ad for 8 days - Cost $165.00 - You only reach sportsmen in Tidewater VA.

    The Yellow Pages 1/2 page ad for 1 year - Cost $5500.00 - Again, you only reach sportsmen in a couple cities.

    Now Consider - Worldwide Coverage! For an entire year! Targeted at Sportsmen!
    FinTalk Fishing Charter & Fishing Service Directory - Full Screen Ad for 1 Year - Cost $96.00 or $144.00

    1. Read more about fishing ads, marketing, and fishing statistics
    2. See detailed pricing for business listings & guide listings

    Advertising Qualifications - Why You Should Advertise on

    • Popularity: We are very popular among saltwater anglers - You can "Target Your Ads" towards them.
    • Google rankings: - We have paid our dues and now have some of the highest rankings in the nation for saltwater fishing terms.
    • Saturation: We have a "network" - a couple of partner sites that we market your listings on periodically. & Coming soon -- and
    • Networking: Over 2000 links at last check from other fishing websites to to bring in even more traffic. Click to see total links at MSN
    • Our own advertising : We do our own advertising online and real world.
      Over $2000.00 spent every year on Google Adwords.
      40,000 flyers distributed last year in regional fishing areas - more planned.
      Broshure placement in various marinas on the East Coast.
    • Unique Ideas: We have 14 inch X 8 foot F I N T A L K . C O M on our boat which is viewed by thousands of anglers from Maryland, Virginia Beach, and the Outer Banks. See pic above

    A Few Fintalk Fishing Charter & Guide Keywords

    A Key to successful internet advertising is to make sure the site has TOP RANKINGS for various fishing keywords.
    Rankings change and flucuate up and down every so often but Fintalk has consistent high rankings. Try a few of our saltwater fishing keywords.

    • As of June 17th, 2005 we are The #1 site for a Google search of Salt Water Fishing Charters and many other top terms for saltwater fishing. BE AWARE they do fluctuate up and down a few spots.
    • Salt Water Fishing - Top 10
    • Saltwater Fishing Articles - top 5
    • Saltwater fishing resources top 3
    • Saltwater Fishing Charters - top 3 - 5
    • Fishing Reports and the list just goes on and on - we get over 1000 original or Unique visitors every single day.
    • And We have just as good ranks on MSN Search Engine - Check our ranks for Fishing Charters, Fishing Reports, Saltwater Fishing, and many other fishing terms.

    Good luck with your fishing business be it fishing boat charters, fishing guides, tackle, or other. You are now ready to pick a couple of qualifying fishing websites to advertise on and harness the real power of the web!

    Get Listed Today! List in the FinTalk fishing directory. OR Contact Us for banner ads, full page mini sites, or an entire website.

    Fishing advertising, fishing website designs for fishing charters, guides, and fishing businesses.

    ONLINE ADVERTISING Are You Skeptical??
    Read why you should consider at least some fishing advertising.

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