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Long Island sound fishing guides

New York charter fishing is not a term you would usually associate with the biggest city in America. New York is known for many great things but if you ask average city folks what New York is best known for you will rarely find anybody that will say the charter fishing, at least NY saltwater charter fishing. In fact most folks would say New York is best known for the skyscrapers, taxi cabs, or broadway actors. On the other hand if you ask a NY angler or sportsman what the city is best known for they will immediately say the great fishing and specifically Long Island Sound charter fishing, Montauk sport fishing, and the many other hot spots around Long Island.

Who knows why the salt water charter fishing in New York isn't better known to visitors as being some of the best on the east coast? Maybe because NY charter fishing doesn't have as many exciting big gamefish as some of the SE Atlantic coast states, maybe because the western New York fishing guides and the great freshwater fishing in the state gets more attention. Doesn't matter what the reason is, the true fact is that the saltwater fishing in New York, particularly the Long Island charter fishing is awesome and any trip to New York City should include a charter fishing trip to the Long Island Sounds or offshore waters off Montauk.

Montauk charter fishing Long Island fishing guides
Common to the New York region are fish like this nice large Sea Bass caught off a local New York wreck. On the right while fishing in New York you see an angler that boated a nice trout or what they call a weakfish in the north.
Now that we have established the fact that New York charter fishing is up to par and in the same league as the some of the warm water ports along the southern Atlantic coast it is time to find out what type of fishing there is and what species one may expect to catch on their NY fishing trip.

Montauk Sport Fishing Capital of the World

There is something special Montauk charter fishing is known for, a title the Montauk region proudly sports. The local Montauk sport fishing charter Captains and guides are proud to tell you that Montauk is also known as the Sport Fishing Capital of the World . - What? Long Island the Sport Fishing Capital of the World? You bet ya, and fishing the offshore ocean waters off Montauk you can expect to catch tuna, marlin and dolphin in large sizes and numbers.

Montauk fishing isn't the only hot fishing in and around Long Island. When the local area fishing guides talk about the other great fishing along the New York coast you will hear them talk about the Hudson River, Sheepshead Bay, or Fire Island Inlet among many other hot spots around Long Island that they fish. After all Long Island has 120 miles of fishing coast around it, there are bound to be some great places to fish.

A typical fishing boat charter that runs out of Oregon Inlet, Hatteras Inlet, or Beaufort NC Sportfishers like the magnificent vessel pictured here can be chartered for offshore trips out of Montauk for marlin, tuna, and dolphin fishing. They usually include everything you need for a great charter fishing trip. You must supply your own food and drink for the day.

Long Island Fishing Charters, Montauk Charter Fishing

Long Island is basically a fishermans paradise and the Long Island fishing charters have the best of two worlds, likewise do the Montauk fishing boat charters and many other guides in and around Long Island. During rough weather they can fish Long Island Sound from the west end of the sound to Block Island which offers a bountiful fish resource for their charter customers. The postion of the sound keeps it shielded from the rough seas when the Atlantic is to rough to safely fish.

On the other hand when the weather is calm and the seas of the Atlantic have laid down it is time for the sportfishing charters, even the smaller charter boats to head offshore for everything from wreck fishing for sea bass and blackfish to some great big game sportfishing for tuna or big blue marlin. We only mention a few fish types but anglers will be please to know there are many more species available. There is a very basic list of the different fish species you will catch inshore and offshore of Long Island listed below.

Montauk Fishing, New York Bottom Fishing

The fishing in Montauk is absolutely spectacular and certainly a spot an avid angler must fish. Montauk fishing has greatly benefitted from sustained conservation efforts over the past 2 decades with many fish making a strong comeback, especially the striper, also known as striped bass or rockfish.

  1. Montauk Striper Fishing :: The striper fishing has comeback from the brink and now offers anglers many opportunities at trophy sized fish. The best striper fishing in Montauk is usually from May to November.
  2. Montauk Fluke Fishing :: Flounder fishing appeals to just about everybody, novice and experienced anglers and Montauk flounder can easily reach the 8 pound range with some fish topping 10 pounds.
  3. New York Bottom Fishing :: Anchoring, trolling, and drifting for other species like bluefish, weakfish, sea-bass, and porgies round out the main species taken while bottom fishing in New York around the Long Island inlets and sounds.
  4. Montauk Offshore Sport Fishing :: Montauk is situated close to deep water which means the travel time and distance is much shorter than most other ports along the east coast when it comes to getting where the tuna are. Instead of running over 80 miles you may only have to run 25 miles and you will be in yellowfin tuna waters. You can also expect to catch dolphin, marlin, and other tuna species.

Here are some of the hot NY saltwater fishing cities and locales along the L.I. NY coastal areas:

  • Block Island Sound Fishing
  • Fire Island Inlet
  • Howard Beach
  • Hudson River
  • Jones Inlet
  • Monriches
  • Montauk
  • North Fork
  • North Shore
  • Sheepshead Bay
  • Shinnecock
  • Western Sound

New York Fish Species

New York fishing has some great fishing and has a good variety of species that anglers may wish to target. Granted there may not be the large variety of gamefish species that you may find in the warm water regions of the country but there is a nice variety none the less.
A few of the more popular species you may catch while fishing in New York are as follows:

  • Inshore Fish Species
  • Croaker, Flounder
  • Bluefish, Sea bass
  • Gray Trout, Striper
  • Blackfish
  • Red Drum
  • Offshore Fishing Species
  • Yellow Fin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna
  • Albies, Bonito
  • Dolphin
  • Blue marlin
  • Shark

Montauk, Long Island, Shinnecock, and Wilmington Fishing Charters & NY Fishing Guides

Check out the New York fishing charters and guides below for your next New York saltwater fishing trip or sportfishing vacation. Please see the premium charter listings first because they support the site and keep it free to everyone.

Premium Charters List your New York charter or guide service.

Free Spirit Charters
The Free Spirit is a 40' 2004 custom built sportfisher for
chartered sportfishing trips in Montauk, New York.
Takin Up Charters
Come aboard the Takin-Up, a 28' Rampage Sportfisherman
that runs out of Islip NY and Fire Island. Up to 4 anglers.

...More New York Charter Fishing and Guided Fishing Services ...More New York Fishing Charters and Fishing Guide Services

Ahab Charters Freeport, NY 516-377-6041
American Sportfishing Charters Port Washington, NY 516-457-8715
Angler - Party Head Boat Howard Beach, NY 718-659-8181
Atlantic Charters Freeport, NY 516-738-8030
Blue Water Sport Fishing Charters Montauk, NY 631-928-5920
Caprice Bass Montauk, NY 516-671-7690
Back Bay Charters Seaford, NY 516-658-2798
C & C Charters Tarrytown, NY 718-324-7696
Captain Bob's Charter Ogdensburg, NY 315-393-2709
Captain Lew Charters Burt, NY 716-622-0612
Capt Stephens Charters Holland, NY 716-537-2302
Celtic Horizon Sportfishing Orient Point 631-734-4295
Coyote Sportfishing Charters Orient Point 631-734-6288
Captain Mike Albronda Montauk, NY 631 668 2056
Captain Bob Maier Montauk, NY 631-688-7612
Catch 22 Sportfishing New York, NY 800-732-1530
Challenger Charters Greenport, NY 631-477-0110
Deep Six Charters Lockport, NY 716-433-0583
Double Trouble Charters Altmar, NY 888-298-5054
Enticer Charters Webster NY 585-671-2362
Explorer Charters Brooklyn NY 718-680-2207
Full House Sportfishing Montauk, NY 631-661-2453
Hooked Up Charters Fairport, NY 800-484-7025
Intimidator Sportfishing Holley, NY 585-638-6909
Lady J V Point Lookout 516-825-5727
Lady Kim Charters Staten Island, NY 718-698-6582
Lighthouse Fishing Charters West Islip, NY 631-834-9520
Lure-Um Charters Albion, NY 585-682-4925
MarCeeJay Sport Fishing Elwood, NY 631-499-8140
Maverick Sportfishing Spencerport, NY 585-749-2073
Moby Dick Charters Sackets Harbor, NY 315-938-5871
Mulligan Charters Brooklyn, NY 718-781-0771
Natural Anglers Long Island, NY 516-785-7171
On The Bite Fishing Charters Staten Island, NY 718-967-9095
Pisces Charters Kent, NY 585-682-5258
Point Breeze Charters Waterport, NY 800-233-3099
Rainbow Connection Charters Sodus Point, NY 315-483-9829
Release Charters Albion, NY 800-432-0709
Rough Island Charters Alexandria Bay, NY 315-482-3750
Rustic Charters Fair Haven 315-947-5415
Scotti's Fishing Charters Staten Island, NY 718-356-0553
Searcher Charters Albion, NY 585-589-6412
Taryn-Ann Charters Babylon, NY 631-587-7835
Tight Line Charters Lyndonville, NY 585-765-2855
Tracker Charters Brockport, NY 585-637-3291
Tuna Express Charter - Montauk Massapequa Park, NY 516-987-8383
U Betcha Charters Albion, NY 585-589-7125
Valley of the Shadow Fishing Charters Naples, NY 585-721-5814
Wharf Rat Charters Spencerport, NY 585-352-8380
Y-Knot Charters Brockport, NY 585-964-9447

New York fishing guides New York Charters

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