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Texas Fishing Charters and Guides

Texas fishing charters and guides With a coastline that stretches for miles you would think the charter fishing in Texas would be excellent. You would think right as Texas charter fishing produces some of the best saltwater angling results anywhere along the Gulf coast. The Gulf has a wide and plentiful variety of saltwater species from redfish to bluefish to yellowfin tuna and they all come to Texas. They say everything is Texas is bigger and that is certainly true when it comes to the fishing. If you are a visiting angler looking for some good 'ole exciting Texas fishing then there is a long list of Texas fishing charters and guides to provide you a charter trip filled with plenty of great memories and new fish stories to tell all your fishing buddies.

Hooking Your Fish - Beginners Fishing Hooking Your Fish - Beginners Fishing

Texas offers anglers a wide range of local sport fishing species care of the resource full Gulf where anglers can go charter fishing for everything from a speckled trout or seatrout to Tarpon or Cobia. You name it, flats fishing for reds or tarpon to some deep water fishing around the many oil rigs that border the coast, Texas has enough variety to keep even the most experienced angler busy.

A typical Texas fishing boat charter that runs out of Rockport Fishing charters like the boat pictured here offer anglers plenty of fishing room and comfort for fishing in shallow inshore regions or runs offshore for some larger bluewater big game fish.
Charter Fishing in Texas

The experience and guidance of a charter boat Captain or guide can make your day on the water an experience to remember as they know the regional waters and what areas likely hold the fish. Grass lines, sunken shrimp boats, oil rigs and other wrecks are just some of the places a veteran fishing guide will take you for your trophy fish. Whether it's cobia, snapper, amberjack, or any one of the many Texas saltwater game fish, a successful Texas charter fishing trip depends not only on things like good weather and conditions but also how knowledgeable and experienced your fishing guide is.

South Padre Island, Matagorda Bay, Galveston Bay, Sabine Lake.
Deciding where to fish in Texas can be confusing for visiting anglers because the coastline is so vast and is full of Bays, Inlets, Flats, and Islands to fish. Some of the more popular charter fishing regions along the Texas coast include these well known fishing hotspots:

  • Sabine Lake - Sabine Pass, Port Arthur
  • High Island - East Bay Bayou, Goat Island
  • Galveston Bay - North & South Jetties, Seabrook
  • Matagorda Bay - Cedar Lake Bayou, Sargent
  • San Antonio Bay - Port O'Connor, Seadrift
  • Aransas, Copano Bays
  • Corpus Christi Bay - Redfish Bay, Port Aransas
  • Baffin Bay
  • Land Cut to Port Mansfield
  • Southern Laguna Madre - Padre Island, Port Isabel

Texas Fishing Resources for Anglers

Texas fishing information and resources for charter boat Captains, fishing guides, and private anglers. Sometimes the difference in who catches fish and who gets skunked is simply a matter of who has the best most up-to-date fishing information. Get your Texas fishing reports, tide predictions and marine weather and start catching fish like a professional Texas fishing guide.

Texas Tides Weather and Fishing Reports Texas Fish Species

A Texas fishing guide can offer wide variety of fish species to target on your trip. The local area fishing boat charters in Texas port cities like Port Arthur, Galveston, and Corpus Christi offer trips for just about any species you wish to target. Here are a few of the more popular species you may land while saltwater charter fishing the inshore and offshore waters of Texas:

  • Inshore Fish Species
  • Seatrout, Flounder, Grunt, Spanish Mackerel, Permit, Yellow Tail
  • Black Drum, Red Drum (Redfish)
  • Porgy, Red Snapper, Snook, Spadefish, Tarpon, Crevalle Jack, Amberjack
  • Offshore Fish Species
  • Blue Marlin, White Marlin
  • Sailfish, Wahoo, Dolphin
  • King Mackerel, Longbill Spearfish, Cobia, Grouper, Cero
  • Skip Jack Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Albacore, Bluefin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Skipjack Tuna
South Padre Island, Matagorda Bay, Galveston Bay, Sabine Lake Fishing Charters

Check out the Texas fishing charters and guides below for your next inshore or offshore fishing trip or sportfishing vacation to the great state of Texas. Please see the featured charter listings first and let them know where you found their service.

Premium Texas Charters Texas fishing charters form

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Saltwater Fishing in Texas

Texas saltwater fishing, often called the Lone Star State includes offshore, nearshore, and inshore fishing. Offshore angling might consist of trolling or bottom fishing. Trolling produces catches like sailfish, marlin, wahoo, king mackerel, tuna, sharks, and dorado. Deep sea bottom fishing will produce snapper, grouper, and amberjack. Common targets of inshore and nearshore fishing Texas fishing guides are redfish and sea trout.

Billfish are popular catches anywhere they reside. In Texas, this category includes the broadbill swordfish, the sailfish, the blue marlin, and the white marlin. Billfish are famous for their amazing battles and their immense size. The state record blue marlin tipped the scales at 876.5 pounds. The other species are smaller, but they’re still hefty fish with a powerful capacity for runs and fighting ability. To land one of these prizes, choose one of the Texas charter fishing boats that specialize in billfish.

The wahoo is another fish that’s incredibly fun and exciting to catch. According to many experts, they’re the fastest fish in the sea. Once hooked, the wahoo will make line-sizzling runs. The state record wahoo in Texas weighed in at 124 pounds. Big wahoo can take a while to land, but you’ll enjoy every second of the experience.

Dorado is a favorite catch while trolling offshore. Also called “mahi mahi” or “dolphin,” these are beautiful fish that are strong fighters, and they’re great on the table, too. The Texas state record dorado weighed in at 65.7 pounds and measured over 5 ½ feet in length. Texas charter boats know how to put you on the dorado.

Deep sea bottom fishing might not be quite as exciting as trolling for billfish, but it’s still fun, and it’s a great way to put really fresh, delicious fish on the table. Texas is home to several species of grouper, including the black, the comb, the marbled, the snowy, the Warsaw, the yellowfin, the yellow edge, and the yellowmouth. There’s also the giant among grouper species – the goliath grouper, sometimes called the “jewfish.” These fish are absolutely enormous! The state record in Texas weighed a whopping 551 pounds. Imagine wrestling that big boy from the ocean floor!

Another fish you’ll probably catch while deep sea fishing in Texas is the snapper. This is another tasty fish that’s well represented in the state. Species here include the black, the blackfin, the red, the vermillion, the dog, the gray, the lane, the mutton, the queen, the silk, the yellowtail, and the huge cubera. The largest cubera snapper ever recorded in Texas weighed 131 pounds.

Fishing charters in Texas include true charter boats and party boats. Charter boats usually take only four to six anglers at a time, while large party boats might take as many as 50 fishermen at the time. Texas charter boats are generally swift vessels that specialize in trolling, while party boats are for bottom fishing.

Texas charter fishing boats Texas Fishing Charters

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