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Where To Fish For Beginners

If you're just getting your feet wet, so to speak, with fishing, you're in for some marvelous adventures! Of course, you might be asking yourself where to fish for beginners. The answers, my angling friend, are numerous and varied. Check out the short descriptions below to get some ideas.

Boat Fishing, Fishing From A Boat

You can enjoy boat fishing in a small pond, a large lake, a river, a bay, or on the open ocean. The type of boat you'll need depends on the type of water you'll be fishing. Boat fishing in deep, rough water requires a larger vessel, usually with a deeper hull for stability. Such a boat, however, wouldn't be appropriate for shallow water because it would beach itself.

For fishing in a pond, on a lazy river, or in a calm lake, a flat-bottom boat would work. Flat-bottom boats called "skiffs" are often used for flats fishing. If you're going to need to cover a lot of water, like that in a large, calm lake or reservoir, a bass boat would be appropriate. This type of boat is small, but it usually has a powerful engine.

Boat fishing is extremely versatile and might include bottom fishing, fly fishing, casting, drift fishing, or jigging. Another method popular with boat fishing is trolling. With trolling, you cover a lot of water, allowing the movement of the boat to do much of the work for you.

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Pier Fishing

Pier fishing is just about the easiest type of saltwater fishing available, and it's also one of the most productive. Fish are attracted to structure, and a pier fits the bill. Pier fishing will usually produce a large variety of fish.

Most piers have built-in seats or benches, and many have areas that are covered, making pier fishing very comfortable. Since fish are instinctively drawn to the pier pilings, you don't have to "hunt" for fish to catch. They're usually right beneath your feet.

Several strategies will work for pier fishing, depending on the fish species you're targeting. These might include bottom fishing, jigging, fishing with a float, or fishing right next to a piling.

Surf Fishing Or Shore Fishing

Surf fishing or saltwater shore fishing is a great method for beginning anglers. With surf fishing, you can wade out into the waves to cast your line, getting it into deeper water. When the water is warm, many fishermen choose to remain in the water - often chest deep - as they wait for a fish to take their bait. Surf fishing is usually done on the bottom, but casting and fishing with floats can also be done in the surf.

Saltwater shore fishing is usually done in areas with deep drop-offs, where surf fishing isn't possible. This might be from a rocky coastline or from the banks of a tidal river, bay, sound, or inlet. Casting, jigging, bottom fishing, and even fly fishing can be productive from shore.

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Bank Fishing

Bank fishing is done in fresh water, from the bank of a pond, lake, river, stream, or reservoir. Bank fishing is usually the first experience a novice angler has with the sport of fishing, and a variety of fish species prowl the banks in search of food.

For bank fishing, you can use a rod and reel or a cane pole. Just about any type of fishing can be done from the bank - bottom fishing, fly fishing, float fishing, casting, or jigging. Different fish respond to different methods and baits.

For bottom fishing and for fishing with a float or bobber, you'll need a natural bait. For casting and jigging, both natural and artificial baits will be productive. Fly fishing requires the use of either dry flies or wet flies.

Kayak Fishing

Most kayak fishing is done in salt water - usually in bays, sounds, inlets, and estuaries, where the water is calm. Since kayaks are small, they can get into small places and shallow water that larger vessels wouldn't attempt.

Kayak fishing is also incredibly quiet, so it's an excellent strategy for "sneaking up" on fish species that spook easily. A kayaker can paddle near a likely spot and then cast to the spot without scaring the fish away.

Lake Fishing

Lake fishing, obviously, is done in a lake. Most lakes have natural populations of fish that might have been brought to the lake by feeder creeks. Lakes are also stocked periodically with several different fish species. Some of these fish lay eggs, keeping the population at a healthy level. Other species might not re-populate, so lake managers often re-stock these species periodically - usually several times a year.

Most all larger lakes have different "regions." For example, some areas of the lake might include shallow flats, while other areas might be very deep. A single lake might include flats, deep holes, channels, ledges, rocks, and submerged vegetation, stumps, and timber. For effective lake fishing, you'll need to know at least a few of these different regions and learn which species live where, as well as when they live there.

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