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Fishing Reports for saltwater sportsmen written and posted by saltwater sportsmen, fishing charters, first mates, and saltwater guides. Offering a wide range of fishing reports for all regions coast to coast. We have a unique report setup that will help the FinTalk anglers get detailed reports to help them do what they do best - 'Catch Fish'. You can still go to the forum and shoot the breeze about your catch and even post your reports there too, but for detailed fishing reports this is the spot. Also if you have a fishing site you can add these fishing report headlines to your website for your anglers to read.
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Saltwater Fishing Reports Florida Fishing Reports fishing reports Click a fishing report category below to read reports for that region. If you do not see your state or category for your region it just means there isn't a fishing report yet for that area. We have categories for every saltwater state and as soon as a report for a state or region is posted it will immediately appear below.

Local Area Reports

Fishing Reports

Beach Haven Fishing Action
Ucluelt Fishing Report May 23
Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report and Baja
Milwaukee, Shallow or Deep Water stacked with Fish!
Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report and Baja
Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report and Baja
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Fishing Report Ucluelet, BC, Vancouver Island
Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report and Baja
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - Apr. wrap-up.
Orlando Florida New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry
Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report and Baja
Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report and Baja
Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charter Top Shot Sportfishing Happy Day Today Tuna
Topsail beach/ Wrightsville Beach Fishing Charters
Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report and Baja
Fishing Report for Ucluelet, B.C. April 5, 2017
Fishing Fort Lauderdale Top Shotf Sportishing Happy Day TodayCharter
Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report and Baja
Florida MosquitoLagoon NewSmyrna DaytonaBeach Backcountry
Fort Lauderdale Fishing Topshotfishing Happy Day Today Sailfish
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - Mar. wrap-up.
Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report and Baja
Fishing Report, Ucluelet, B.C. March 23, 2017
Fort Lauderdale Fishing Topshotfishing Happy Day Today Sailfish
Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report and Baja
Deep Sea Fishing Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today Sailfish
Fishing in Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today
All You Need to Know About Tarpon Fishing in Key West Florida
Great Fishing on our Deep Sea Fishing Fort Lauderdale

Saltwater Fishing Reports Florida Fishing Reports

Regional Fish Report Categories

Fishing Reports for Saltwater Anglers

Our saltwater fishing reports and are the result of what was originally just an idea between a few Chesapeake Bay fishing buddies to trade our saltwater fishing reports back and forth just so we would know who was catching what and where it was being caught. The fishing reports were mainly just for about 20 or 30 fishing buddies and acquaintances.

At that time our reports were mainly from Virginia Beach and Lynnhaven Inlet regions up to Deltaville and the Deale Maryland part of the Chesapeke Bay and mainly from guys we knew and fished with. After some time we started noticing the occasional report from anglers that fished North Carolina regions like Oregon Inlet and the Outer Banks areas, even the NC surf fishing guys started reporting. We even started seeing reports from as far south as Cape Hatteras Inlet with some Morehead City fishing reports thrown in and at that particular time I didn't even know where Morehead City, NC was. All's I knew was according to their reports they caught tons of big fish down there.

Reports started to turn up on the site from up and down the East Coast and before we knew it we were seeing 1 or 2 new fishing reports posted everyday from places much farther south. Personally I enjoyed reading Florida fishing reports about Red Snapper and Grouper, certainly fish we never caught or ever even saw in our region. Those fishing reports for Florida listed places I never even heard of.

We started seeing some big game deep sea fishing reports for marlin or tuna from Captains willing to give out good info on where the tuna were being caught. Detailed fishing reports for Texas to South Carolina to Massachusetts and just about every salt water hot spot around started being posted on the site. We quickly out-grew our free web space which is when we setup FinTalk to have a fishing report category for every saltwater state. To do this we needed Captains and Mates of charters, salt water guides, and most importantly you, the private angler that is so passionate about catching fish that you don't mind offering your reports up for other fishermen.

We have provided a spot for saltwater charter boats and fishing guides to add your charter or guide business information to the fishing reports you post on FinTalk. And better still when you post your fishing reports we have set up a web feed for other fishing site owners to place on their websites in order to carry your reports too.
So bottom line is you post your fishing reports hereon and the report headline will go out to many other fishing sites around the web for much more exposure.
Also we have the regular RSS feed for the news readers that are becoming so popular and now our salt water fishing reports can be read by these folks as well. It makes for some great web exposure for all fishing boat Captains and guides that post reports for your locales.

'Catch' the Most Recent Fishing Reports.

Put Fishing Reports on Your Site! - See How

If you would like to add local fishing report headlines to your website for your anglers to read then follow these simple instructions. You can add the ALL Reports Headline feed (recommended to start out) which will give you headlines from every category or you can add individual Regional Report Headlines for the area of your choice. Although there may not be fishing reports for every area yet as this is still a fairly new report setup and we do not yet have reporters for every region. If you have any trouble feel free to email Joe.

NOAA & Remind You to Checkout The National Saltwater Angler Registry
Fishing reports for saltwater anglers

Fishing Reports

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