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Fishing Report:   SUNDAY OCTOBER 25TH

Pam, Alan, Lisa and Bobby went out on our 32’ RumRunnin with Captain Javier and Mate Marcial. They fished Posocota, seventeen miles from the Marina and caught 12 Dorado weighing up to twenty pounds and released four.

Ivo and Anne from Ontario, Canada went out on a Panga with Captain Abel and caught 2 Dorado.

Lonnie, Angela, Mike and Stephanie from San Diego, CA and Tucson, AZ went out on our 28’ Tantrum with Captain Ramon and Mate Juan. They fished Golden Gate, six miles from shore and caught 16 Dorado, of which they released five. They would like to give a shout out to Brian and Patty back home.

The Coulter group went out on our 32’ RedBeam with Captain Cesar and Mate Lupe. They fished the Lighthouse and caught 21 Dorado weighing between twenty and twenty five pounds.

Mike, Freddy and Tom went out on our 31’ Partner boat with Captain Ulises. They fished fourteen miles out and twelve miles from shore on the Pacific side. They caught 4 Dorado weighing between twenty five and thirty five pounds. Mike caught a hundred pound Sailfish.


Once again, the Dorado are literally jumping in the boat for clients right now... Feels like August 2008 right now with tons of Dorado and some good sized ones at that. Certainly doesn't feel like late October, fishing wise, but luckily the weather is right on par for this time of year. Air Conditioner was turned off in the office again today for the second day in a row, hopefully the heat is gone for a while.

Seems like the huge congregation of Green Back Mackeral is taking it's time getting to Cabo this year and as a result we haven't seen Striped Marlin in huge numbers yet. Hopefully they are on their way.

That being said, Jerome and Louise Johnson of Georgia, broke the mold today. They actually caught a few billfish. After catching a few Dorado with Captain Omar and Mate Manuel aboard ReelRum, Jerome and Louise were treated to a few Striped Marlin for some catch and release action.

Jerry Garcia and his group finished up their final day of fishing for this years Cabo trip today and did ok, with 3 Dorado. Jerry has been bringing groups of guys down here for years and has always stuck with RedRum. I thought it was because of our service and ability to put his guys on the fish, but I may now be wrong. Next year, Jerry may be coming back for a different reason, as he has asked our office manager, Diana, for her hand in marriage. Jerry, thought nothing of the 40 year disparity in age and popped the question after meeting her for the first time. I'm not sure Diana even got a chance to respond before Jerry, jokingly of course, told her to think about it. It's a long shot, but Diana does seem to have a special place in her heart for passionate fishermen, that is certainly evident after working here the past 6 months or so. Jerry, we appreciate your business, great attitude and personality, and it is always a treat to meet the buddies you bring down. See you next year, pal.

Craig Ball and Mike Gibbas, along with Julie Coxter and Rita Phillips all from Scottsdale, Arizona joined us today aboard the Red Beam. Captain Cesar wasted no time and got this crew on the fish right of the bat. They each got the chance to spend some time with the rod and reel and tallied 8 Dorado by the time they made their way back to port. Congrats guys, and nice meeting you.

John Slocum and Gary Privett, referrals from my good buddy Chuck Corley, joined us today from Southlake, Texas. I have to send a special thanks to the Corley family and all they have done for RedRum Sportfishing. I am not sure their is a neighbor on the block that the Corley's have not convinced to come fishing with RedRum. That being said, John and Gary had a great day and they said we certainly lived up to the praise they had heard about us. The guys had their hands full all day battling Dorado as Captain Ramon did a great job putting them on the fish.

Mike Wall and Tom Melton, were back at it again today with Captain Ulyses on Grey Light. They had a great first day with Ulyses and convinced another RedRum group to switch with them so that they could fish with him again. They went out and searched for Tuna for a while and came back empty on the Tuna front but did catch a few more Dorado.

Matthew, Richard and Michael Perfetto, along with Hiep Dao, James Kelly and Tim Deklotz, down for a wedding fished with Freddy and Wes aboard Solmar Uno. The guys had a blast catching Dorado, at one point even getting a triple hook-up. They had a lot of hungry mouths to feed back at the hotel so it was good that they were able to get 9 fish.

Awesome day for RedRum anglers.


Chris and Cathy Phillips along with Jay and Vicky Harrwood fished with us today aboard Solmar Uno with Captain Freddy and Mate Wes. These guys had a great day, catching 7 Dorado. They had a nice 35lb Wahoo up to the side of the boat, but the fish took off right when they went to gaff it and it got away. Oh well, can't catch them all.

Captain Steve Peterson joined us today from Spanish Fork, Utah, coming off the Mariner of the Sea Royal Carribean Cruise Ship. Capt. Steve and his crew didn't get on board until 9:30am, but were still able to bring in 4 Dorado with Captain Javier showing Steve a few of the local tricks.

Dave Olsen and Scott Moen of Minnesota joined us today on TantRum with Captain Ramon and Mate Juan. These guys were lined up for two days of fishing, but after Dave tweaked a shoulder, (probably reeling in all the fish!,) one day was enough. The guys had their hands full, catching 7 nice Dorado.

Ivo and Annie Zulian were back at it again today, once again fishing with Cesar on the RedBeam. They had another successful day on the water, catching 6 Dorado. Annie and Ivo decided to have some of the fish Smoked and donated the rest to the crew. I know they have at least one relative back in Canada that was looking forward to them bringing home some filets (he sent an email to make sure I knew.) Hopefully everyone enjoys their catch and has as much fun eating it as they did catching it.

Christina Bastis and Michael Mcguire from Scarsdale, New York, fished with us today on ReelRum. Captain Omar was their guide and he did a great job putting them on the fish. They had 7 Dorado by the time they made their way back to the Marina.


Joe Scamardo and his Italian Mob fished again today with us and wanted to get out and search for Tuna and Marlin after catching a bunch of Dorado yesterday. The guys fished hard and certainly put forth the effort. While they did see some Marlin they couldn't get any to bite. Great group of guys and it was a pleasure meeting everyone. Hopefully we see you guys back next year.

Greg Spreen and Jennifer Halverson were back on the water today aboard TantRum with Ramon and Juan. While they got into the Dorado again, catching 2, they also got into some billfish action. Greg wanted to go after some Tuna this morning, so I recommended making a big circular loop in the morning heading eventually towards Golden Gate. They spent about three hours looking for Tuna, and while they found some Porpoise, they couldn't get a Tuna bite. The good thing was, when they were ready to call it quits, they were close to the Golden Gate and they soon found some action. Greg caught a nice 99" Striped Marlin and another a bit smaller, plus the 2 Dorado.

Ken Moss and Jon Kendall were back on the water with Ulyses today on Grey Light. These guys came back excited as they thought they might have had a World Record catch on their hands. Fishing with 10lb test, Ken caught an estimated 120lb Sailfish, in less than 5 minutes!!! Unfortunately, there is no 10lb line class in the IGFA, it goes from 8lbs to 12lbs. The 12lb World Record for Pacific Sailfish was caught in Australia and weighed in at 170+lbs. World record or not, it was an impressive catch! The guys also got 3 more Dorado today, great day!!

Sumner and Andrea Brown from Weymouth, Massachusetts joined us today aboard AnzueloII. These guys had a great day with Captain Lupe catching a bunch of Dorado and Tuna. They weren't even sure how many they had, Sumner claimed, "I don't like eating them, just enjoy catching them." I know their are a few readers of this blog out there that would love to enjoy those filets! To each their own.

John Heitkamp, Mike Nickerson and Gary Johnson fished with Javier today and they too caught a bunch of Tuna and Dorado. John also mentioned he only wanted a few filets for Missiones de Kino and was going to leave the rest with his buddy Wally here in town. Lucky Wally, I know. John has been fishing with RedRum for about 15 years and is probably our longest tenured client. After his day on the water John told me about his collection of RedRum gear, hats, t-shirts, flags, etc. He claims to have about 45 RedRum hats from over the years and says his wife plans to take the logo's from all the hats and shirts and make a quilt for us. Too cool huh, can't wait to display that in the office. Great seeing you John.

Last but not least we had William Ott and Joanne Davis with us aboard ReelRum with Captain Omar. William and Joanne were the first ones here this morning, beating me to the office. I guess you could say they were excited! And, they had every reason to be, they must have known they were going to battle a Marlin and 8 Dorado today!

Another great day.


Mike and Karen from Spicewood, TX fished today with Captain Javier and Mate Marcial on our 32’ RumRunnin. They want to give a shout out to their friends David and Patty: “We wish you were here. We caught 10 Dorado between fifteen and twenty five pounds and unfortunately lost a Striped Marlin….oooops, sad”. They fished San Cristobal on the Pacific side, thirteen miles from the Marina and three miles from shore.

Sandy and Joe from Mountlake Terrace, WA fished on our 28’ Tantrum with Captain Ramon and Mate Manuel. They fished Margarita on the Pacific side, fifteen miles from the Cabo Marina and a mile or two from shore where water temperature was at eighty degrees. They caught 6 Dorado weighing between fifteen and thirty pounds and released two smaller ones.

Robert, Karen, Jon, Allison, Bruce and Melissa from Louisiana went out on our 33’ partner boat with Captain Teo. They fished the Pacific side and caught and released a hundred and fifty pound Striped Marlin, which Bruce caught, as well as a Sailfish caught by Allison. They also caught 6 Dorado weighing between fifteen and twenty five pounds.

Chris, Cathy, Jay and Vicky fished with Captain Federico and Mate Wenses on our 33’ partner boat. They went Tuna hunting on the sea of Cortez about sixteen miles from shore, close to neighboring San Jose del Cabo. They didn’t catch any Tuna but they ran into, fought, caught and released a hundred and fifty pound Striped Marlin. They also caught two Dorado between ten and fifteen pounds which they released.

Susie and Charles from Texas went out on our 32’ RedBeam with Captain Cesar and Mate Fabian. They fished the Pacific and caught 7 Dorado between twenty and thirty pounds.


Charles, Maryanne, John and Eyrhen went out on our 42’ partner boat with Captain Fiden. Part of the group unfortunately got sick on the way out and had to come back. Two went back out and caught a thirty pound Dorado at Cerros de Arena on the Pacific side.

Kevin and Kathy from Nevada went out on our 28’ ReelRum with Captain Omar and Mate Americo. They fished the Pacific and caught a small Dorado. When it was Kathy’s turn a hundred and forty pound Striped Marlin bit the line, fought for about twenty minutes and after loosing the match, was released.

Kyle and Rachel from Okanogan, Washington went out on one of our Panga’s and fished inshore. They caught 5 fifteen to twenty five pound Dorado by the Lighthouse on the Pacific side.

Paul, Mark, Steve, Jim, Jerry and Harold, a group of brothers, cousins and uncles from the Pacific Northwest came down for the fourth time to fish the waters of Cabo. They fished on our 32’ RumRunnin and caught 5 Dorado weighing between twenty and thirty pounds. They fished San Cristobal on the Pacific side just three miles from shore.

Weather forecast for next week is sunny every day…what a surprise.


Amanda and Billy from Houston, Texas fished with us today celebrating Billy’s 50th birthday. He came in the office this morning with a huge smile that every birthday boy should wake up with and pointed to all the fish we have on our walls. Billy wanted to catch at least one of each. Captain Ramon and Mate Juan got the couple out on the water and they hunted their prey. They fished the Pacific and caught 8 Dorado between fifteen and thirty pounds. I expected Billy to be disappointed upon his return to our office but instead he told me “That’s why they call it fishing and not catching.” What a great attitude. They proclaimed that they would just have to come back next year!

Robert, Jon and Bruce from Luisiana came back to fish a second day. They went out again on our 33’ partner boat OleOle with Captain Teo. They fished the Pacific and caught 8 Dorado weighing between ten and twenty five pounds.

Todays Date:03/01/2015
Date of Report: 2009-10-31
Fishing Report Title: CABO FISH REPORT
State or Fishing Region: Mexico- Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report
Charter Name: RedRum Sportfishing
Boat Name:
Report By: RedRum Sportfishing
Licenses, Associations:
Locale or Marina: Cabo San Lucas
Phone: 760-481-7667
Email: Email the angler or Capt.

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