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Fishing Report:   January Fishing Forecast

Happy New Year everyone!!

As 2010 came to an end the weather in Southwest Florida has been pretty typical. Cold fronts passing through with lows in the 30's and 40's followed by beautiful sunshine and temps in the 70's. The water temperatures have cooled down but should stay relatively the same throughout January. Provided we don't get hit by record lows like we did in January of 2010. This being said the fishing in January should be really good. I personally love winter time fishing with the low tides and cooler temperatures. It makes the fish easier to pattern and once you find them and dial them in they can provide a ton of rod pulling action!

Redfish action should continue to be very good in January. With lower tides and cooler water temperatures most of the baitfish will move off the flats into deeper water. This will force the Redfish to increasingly rely on bottom forage such as Shrimp and Crabs to feed. Redfish keying in on bottom forage plus lower tides, equals tailing Reds. This is with out a doubt one of my favorite ways to fish. There are not many things that are more fun than stalking tailing reds. Another one of my favorite winter patterns is fishing potholes on the grass flats. These holes attract a ton of fish this time of year due to low tides and cooler temps which packs them full of food and provides a great place to warm up in the sun.. I like to throw jerkbaits like Mirrolure Little Johns and Reaction Strike Jerk Jr on jigheads in the holes and rigged weedless for tailers. As far as live bait is concerned it is hard to beat a nice live shrimp when it come to catching Reds.

January 1st is the first day the new year as well as the opening day of Trout season. Trout in the 3-6 pound range will become increasingly common and fish over 6 pounds are not a rare occurence. January through April is with out a doubt the best time to catch some BIG Gator Trout. While fishing the grass ledges, potholes and oyster bars looking these big trout you will be amazed at how many different fish you may catch. Trout, Redfish, Snook, Pompano, Flounder and Sheepshead are all a possibility and 40 - 60 fish days are not uncommon. All that rod bending action makes for a really good time! My favorite lures are the Mirrolure Lil John, Reaction Stirke jerk Jr and FishBites 3" paddle tail. All rigged on an eighth or a quarter ounce jighead.

The colder weather of December and January has slowed the Snook bite down and they are really checking things out before they commit to biting. Most of the Snook have already migrated from the barrier islands into the deeper, more protected waters of the backcountry. Plenty of Snook are going to be found in these protected areas which include deep shorelines,creeks, rivers and canals. Especially if they are protected form the wind, which allows the water to warm up faster in the morning sun. Just remember that the water temperature is cold so slow your presentation down and try smaller baits like shrimp and small jigs. For you night owls, the night time Snook fishing around the lighted docks in Punta Gorda, Ft. Myers beach, Little Gasparilla and Boca Grande may be your best bet for some January Snook action. Smaller lures like Mirrolure 3" Soft Sardine, DOA shrimp and Reaction Strike 3" Fluke Jr. sholud all be good choices for for catching winter time Snook. Please remember that Snook season will be catch and release only until at least September 2011 .

Pompano fishing should get better and better as January unfolds. Pompano are excellent table fare as well as being die hard fighters. Fishing the shoals in and around the passes should produce good numbers of these tasty fish. If you are looking to try something a little different, go further inside and try sight fishing for pompano along the numerous shallow bars throughout the area. Pompano are famous for skipping out of a boats prop wash which lets me know I'm in the right place. My favorite lures are the Bomber Nylure Pompano Jig and a jig called a Silly Willy. i like to use a jig that is heavy enough to keep me in contact with the bottom, depending on the depth and current. Work the jig with a short, sharp jigging action while maintaining bottom contact.. When you feel a thump, set the hook and hang on!

Whether you want to catch the fish of a lifetime or just relax with friends, you can count on Reelfishing charters to put together the ultimate Southwest Florida experience! Capt. Danny is the guide that will bring everything together for a fun, exciting fishing charter that you'll remember.

Reelfishing is a Fort Myers fishing charter as well as a Boca Grande fishing guide service. We pick up at several locations around Southwest Florida including Burnt Store Marina, Pineland Marina, Placida and the Boca Grande guide docks. Other arrangements can be made if necessary. We try to make fishing with Reelfishing charters as easy as possible.

Catch Fish, No Excuses!

Todays Date:06/26/2017
Date of Report: 2011-01-14
Fishing Report Title: Boca Grande Fishing Charters January Forecast
State or Fishing Region: Florida- SW Gulf Coast Report
Charter Name: Reelfishing Charters
Boat Name:
Report By: Capt. Danny Latham
Licenses, Associations:
Locale or Marina: Boca Grande, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers
Phone: 1-877-682-7766
Email: Email the angler or Capt.

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