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Worldwide fishing reports and forecasts, Florida Fishing Reports Welcome fellow anglers to Fintalk's Florida Fishing Reports and other sport fishing reports for fresh and saltwater regions of the USA and world. We have a long list of up to date fishing reports for various USA hot spots along with some select international hotspots. If you don't see the fishing report you are looking for then feel free to post your own report about any type of fishing you do. You are more than welcome to become one of the fishing report authors. These reports are for everybody from the surf and pier angler to the angler on an offshore charterboat. From Alaska fishing reports to Maine fishing reports to Florida Fishing Reports.
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Fishing Report:   March 11
Today once again we had a bachelor party aboard we had our bachelor Sean and his friends Billy, Joe, Mike, Marty and Wes all from Ridgeland South Carolina.
We started out trolling the reef with our planner boards and with three baits skipping across the surface but trolling the slow so we decided to switch over from trolling to kite fishing with 4 live baits suspended from the kites.
As it turned out we made the right choice first the bachelor Sean caught a big sail fish and than Billy also caught a sail fish.
Sean and the rest of the gang thanks so much for fishing with us aboard the Hooked up and Sean best of luck.
Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free @ (877) SEA-4344

March 13
Today we started out fishing with Nancy, Allan, Jennifer and James all from here in South Florida.
We picked up some live goggle eyes (live bait) from the bait boat and went right out to 150 feet of water set out both kites with 2 live baits suspended from each kite and the wait was on.
But not for long it only took a few min till our first bite. A nice king fish came sky rocketing out of the water a good 6 feet up and came down with not only our bait in his mouth but also our hook.
Not a good day for this king fish he ended up being the fish of many fish that ended up in the Hooked Upís fish box today.
Our next bite turned out to be a dolphin fish and after a 5 to 7 min fight he got to join the king fish in the box.
Well I could go on and on but when it was all said and done we had 6 nice kings in the box along with a couple tasty dolphin fish.
And this was still our first trip of the day so we had plenty more fishing to do.
Thanks again guys and we hope to see you guys again soon aboard the Hooked Up.
As we pulled back to the dock we had our afternoon trip consisting of Margaret, Tomas, little 12-year-old Dobin and 8-year-old Adam all from Check Republic.
This afternoon we went right to trolling the reef with our 2-planner board running about 45 feet down along with 3 baits skipping across the surface.
Iíve got to say the kings were biting the deep lines one after another and everyone was having a ball reeling them in when all of a sudden one of our surface baits got nailed and out came this nice dolphin fish dancing all over the surface. It was a back and forth fight for a good 10 min till at last the fish got within J.J. gaffing range and it was all over for this nice 12 pound dolphin fish.
After some high fifing and hand shaking we got right back to fishing when one of our deep rods took off but this fish was not fight like a king he was just peeling line off at will. After a good 15 min finally Dobin got his fish to the side of the boat. It turned out to be a BIG barracuda.
When it was all said and done we had a box full of real nice king fish 2 dolphin fish and a monster barracuda.
Way to go guys and once again thanks to all of our anglers today for fishing with us off the coast of Ft Lauderdale aboard the Hooked Up.
Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free @ (877) SEA-4344

March 14
Today we started out with Doug and his son Najeh from Philly.
We started out trolling the reef catching a few nice kingfish.
Ok so now that the skunk was out of the box time to go for the BIG one.
In came the trolling gear and out went our 2 kites with 2 baits suspended from each kite. Than all of a sudden out of no where popped up this nice dolphin fish all over our right long kite bait. It only too seconds till he grabbed the bait and started swimming off. J.J. locked up the reel and handed it to Najeh and the fight was on. This fish wanted nothing to do with the boat and gave Najeh one hell of a time. He would gain a little line than the fish would take a little back and forth it went till @ last this 20 pound dolphin got within J.J. gaffing range and it was all over for Mr. Dolphin. Nice going Najeh way to hang in there.
We ended up with a box full of nice king fish a 20-pound dolphin fish and one black tip shark.
This afternoon we had Mina, Nathan and one of their friends whose name we never got. We went right to kite fishing this afternoon and man did we make the right choice.
While I must admit fishing was slow this after noon but when we seen this sailfish coming after one of our kite baits we could not believe how big this fish looked.
Ok so we were Hooked Up and Nathan was giving it all he had. At first his fish was dancing all over the surface but as we got deeper into the fight his fish just started digging and digging down and it seemed like we were never going to get this fish turned around.
But Nathan hung in there and when it was all said and done he had landed a 98 inch Atlantic Sail Fish. Holly Cow NOW THATíS A NICE FISH.
Thanks again to all of our anglers today for choosing to fish with us aboard the Hooked Up off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.
Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free @ (877) SEA-4344
March 15
Today we started out fishing with Bob, John, Mike, Ray and Mike all from Pa.
Today we had beautiful deep blue water with a good north current and conditions looked as good as it can for sail fishing so we went right to kite fishing with 2 baits suspended from each kite.
The trap was set and now all we needed was for some big hungry fish to come along.
As luck would have it one hungry fish did not come along in fact 4 big hungry sail showed up for the show.
What a great morning of deep-sea fishing off the coast of Fort Lauderdale aboard the Hooked Up.
We ended up catching 4 big sails and 1 big kingfish and this was just our morning trip we still had another trip to go.
As we pulled back to the dock we had Devin, Dale, Dawn, Brain and Kevin all from Connecticut.
Once again we went right to kite fishing and once again the live bait fishing out of our kites did not let us down.
This afternoon we caught 2 more sailfish and another big king fish.
What a ball fishing today thanks again to all of our anglers today.
Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free @ (877) SEA-4344

Todays Date:05/26/2017
Date of Report: 2011-03-22
Fishing Report Title: Great Fort Lauderdale Fishing aboard Hooked Up
State or Fishing Region: Florida Fishing Reports
Charter Name: Taco Hooked Up
Boat Name: Hooked Up
Report By: Captain Taco
Licenses, Associations: 100 ton Captain LIC
Locale or Marina: Bahia-Mar Marina out of Ft Lauderdale Florida
Phone: 954-764-4344/877-SEA
Email: Email the angler or Capt.

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