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North Carolina-Southeast Fishing Report

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Fishing Report:   5-28-11
We were headed to the Gulfstream this morning with Kenneth Osborne from High Point,NC., Chad Apple from Gibsonville,NC., Lee Collins, Brian Tilley from Stokesdale,NC., and Rusty Albert from Stokesdale,NC.
I did things a little different this morning. I know it was most likely confusing, but, after spending an entire day in the Stream two weekend's ago without a bite, and I wasn't the only one that didn't get bit, I wanted to stop at a spot and get some fish in the boat first, just in case history wanted to repeat itself!!
I made a stop on some structure and it wasn't long until Rusty had a nice King Mackerel in the boat. Then shortly after that Brian put a nice Cobia in the boat., then a 'cuda, and the surprise of the stop was when Kenneth was in a battle to the end with a big AJ!!
One of the guys hooked up a big fish while we were trolling just to have it pull the hooks right behind the boat. We never seen it, but it was on a PENN 50 STW and it was a load!!!
Reason I made this stop first was because I knew that once we started trolling in the stream we wouldn’t want to pull off and fish for something else, and, just in case they didn't bite we wouldn't go home empty handed.
But, fortunately after we had trolled for a few hours with no bites I knew something needed to be done other than standing around talking about hunting deer, so, I came down off the flybridge and started changing up lures and rigs until the right combination was figured out.
Red and black was the color of the day and 5 knots was the speed and I soon lost count of the Mahi Mahi that we put in the boat.
Don't be afraid to be versatile, if something isn't producing any bites, try something different. It might not be any better, but after an hour or two it doesn't take a genius to figure out what you are currently using isn't the bait of the day!!!!
Got a bottom fishing trip tomorrow. Check back and see how we do!!!!
Till next time, God Bless Everyone!!!!
Fish On!!!!
Capt Butch Foster
PROVERBS 3:13 The man who knows right from wrong and has good judgement and common sense is happier than the man who is immensely rich.
910 845-2004

Todays Date:04/30/2017
Date of Report: 2011-05-28
Fishing Report Title: GULFSTREAM REPORT
State or Fishing Region: North Carolina-Southeast Fishing Report
Report By: Captain Butch Foster
Licenses, Associations:
Locale or Marina: Southport,NC
Phone: 910 845-2004
Email: Email the angler or Capt.

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