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Fishing Report:   The bass have been on the move into the shallows here at Lake Fork. You can expect many more big bass to start showing up with the current warm weather trend and rising water temperatures in the shallow spawning areas. This spring is shaping up for another great spawn here at Lake Fork, so if you havenít made your plans to come out and do some fishing in the next couple of months now is the time to start making arrangements to get in on some of the best fishing of the year. Even with the lake being low conditions are great right now going into the spring spawn. With hopeful expected spring rains, the lake could fill to capacity real fast and give the bass a tremendous amount of shallow cover to spawn.

Water temperatures have been ranging from 54-57 depending on what areas you are in, with the warmest water being at the very backs of the creeks during the peak of the day. The water clarity has also varied from stained to fairly clear in some areas, but the fish have not seemed to mind either way. Water temperature and the lack of grass have been the biggest factors in locating productive fishing areas. Best baits and presentations have been a combination of several things right now, with the warming trends and cold fronts playing a role in what is most productive from day to day, and even from morning to late in the day. On cold front days or cooler mornings, I have been starting out with a lipless crank baits, Red or red/orange 1/2 oz to 3/4 oz sizes have been best around, secondary points, ditches, or drop offs located next to spawning flats in 2-8 feet of water.

The spinner bait bite has also been good early and late in the day, I have been throwing a Ĺ and 3/4oz best colors have been white, white/chart with double willow blades. Also a great bait to catch a real giant bass on right now, is a Suspending Rouge best colors have been black back chrome side orange belly, fishing this bait around creek channels near spawning areas as well as isolated trees or stands of timber on points and fishing it slow can put some big bass in your boat. Creeks that have been producing some good fish right now have been Penson, Duck Call Cove, Post Oak, White Oak. Long Branch, Yesterday Jeremy Cole and Stan West from California fished with me and we put 17 bass in the boat with one that went 8 lbs 9oz Jeremy caught this big bass in White Oak on a Suspending Rouge in 8 feet of water way to go Jeremy! It is big bass time here on lake fork and if you would like to get in on some great spring fishing you can call me at
903-629-5085 or 903-629-7699 check out my web site

Good Fishing,
David Vance

Todays Date:06/23/2017
Date of Report: 2012-02-17
Fishing Report Title: David Vance\\\'s Lake Fork Report
State or Fishing Region: Alabama Fishing Report
Charter Name: David Vance\\\'s Lake Fork Report
Boat Name: Ranger Z520
Report By: David Vance
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