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Fishing For Beginners, How To Hook A Fish

How To Hook A Fish For Beginners

If you happen to be a beginner and you've just begun the sport of fishing, you might be losing as many or more fish than you're actually catching. How to hook a fish for beginners can be tricky, and sometimes the very best teacher is experience. Before you can gain more experience, you might find these tips for setting the hook for beginners helpful.

One of the most common mistakes beginners make when trying to set the hook is that they use too much force, even with the slightest fish movement. Instead of hooking the fish, they tear the hook out of the fish's mouth, allowing it to escape. A powerful jerk with no finesse is not the answer.

Hooking Your Fish - Beginners Fishing Hooking Your Fish - Beginners Fishing

Some Simple And Basic Tips For The Beginner When Hooking Your Fish:

Circle Hooks
  • Fishing Line - Make sure your fishing line is new. Don't grab a rob and reel that has been sitting in the closet or garage for 5 years. The line will almost certainly be bad, dry rotted and weak.
  • Fishing Reel - Make sure that same old reel is working correctly and doesn't have the drag set super tight. If you don't know how to set the drag please look that up and learn about the drag on your reel. If to tight a large fish will break your line and your prized fish is gone. The only thing you will have left is a fish story nobody will believe.
  • Fishing Knots - Very simple thing. Make sure you have your line and fishing knots tied properly.
  • Fishing Hooks - Use the proper hook for the fish you are trying to catch. A circle hook may help you score more catches but you do not have to have a circle hook. Any hook that is the right size for the species is OK as long as it is a sharp hook. If you are digging rusty hooks out of the bottom of the tackle box then stop. Go buy brand new fishing hooks now.
  • Fishing Dip Net - Have a net on the boat, beach, or even the fishing pier if possible. If you catch a large fish you just can not lift him directly into the boat. You will need to net him or risk losing him.
  • FISHING PATIENCE - All anglers beginners and seasoned pros alike need to have plenty of patience. When you get a bite sometimes your natural reaction is to just yank back on the rod and reel like you are trying to yank the fish into the boat in one pull. NO, instead you make sure your fish has completely taken the bait before you firmly set the hook.

Another mistake commonly seen with beginning anglers is that they try to set the hook too soon. Oftentimes, they get so excited that a fish is tugging or nibbling on their line, they try to set the hook before the fish actually has a good grip on the bait. Some fish will investigate a bait or taste it before attempting to consume it. If you try to hook the fish while it's just “nosing” the bait, you'll end up missing the hook-up.

Hooking A Fish - When You First Feel The Bite

When you feel a fish on your line, lower the rod tip. Many fishing experts tell you to point the rod tip in the direction of the fish, while others prefer a sideways maneuver. Either way, the rod tip should be lowered. The slack should be reeled in, too. This is important because nylon fishing line stretches. When the line is tight, use a quick upward motion to set the hook.

Some freshwater fish, like crappie, have fragile mouths. If you try to set the hook with too much force, you'll tear the crappie's mouth. This will allow the fish to get away, and even worse, it will be damaged and could possibly die from the injury. It's never a good idea to kill fish needlessly. For fish with soft mouths, use a firm, steady pressure instead of a strong jerking motion.

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When you're fishing with a float or bobber, setting the hook is a bit easier, but there's still a trick to doing it properly. Here, timing is the key element. As with other fishing strategies, if you set the hook too quickly, you'll miss the strike, and if you wait too long, the fish might swallow the hook and the bait, and they'll end up in the fish's belly. Gut-hooked fish are hard to remove from your line, and it kills the fish, removing any chance of catch and release. A good general tip for setting the hook while fishing with a float is to count to fifteen or twenty once the bobber has gone under. The fish will have had time to get a good hold on the bait, but not enough time to swallow the hook.

One way to help eliminate the chances of missed fish and foul hooks is to use circle hooks. These hooks automatically travel to the corner of the fish's jaw, which is the best place to hook a fish.

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