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Saltwater fishing articles and news
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Fishing Articles for Saltwater Anglers

Fishing articles to entertain and interest anglers when the weather has you stuck at the dock. When you can't fish or when bad weather keeps the boat land locked you should check out FinTalk fishing articles for everything thing from saltwater offshore sportfishing to inshore bay fishing. Read up on articles about tips, tactics, and techniques for everything from boat care to offshore big game billfishing methods.

Featured fishing articles written by some well known outdoors sports writers with some articles by writers from too. We try to update our articles every week with new fresh stories that anglers find interesting. So if you enjoy reading about the sport you love so much then check back regularly for updated fishing articles at If you are an angler and would like to tell a fishing story then feel free to send us your fishing article. You can get your name on the web if you are an amateur outdoors writer and if your are a professional or more experienced outdoors writer it is an excellent way to market yourself or your website or fishing or related business.
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Boat Cleaning & Boat Maintenance: Aug. 8, 2009 Boat waxes are usually made from natural and synthetic waxes such as Bees Wax, Paraffin and Carnauba. Carnauba waxes are the most popular because they can be buffed to a high shine. By Richard Kittar, CEO
Plumbing the Depth: Jul. 3, 2009 One of the most important things to do before you begin to fish is to plumb the depth. In an eagerness to get their bait into the water this is often overlooked by both anglers new to the sport and experienced fishermen alike. Plumbing the depth should only take a few minutes and can often be the difference between a full keep net and an empty one. By Nigel Wharrier
Fishing Years Gone ByFishing Years Gone By: Jan. 3, 2009 Many of us anglers these days can look back from the days we were kids and smile from all of the memories that we have. Those days may not be able to be relived, but these days are the days that we will never forget as we grow older. By Kevin Dahlke
Flats Fishing the Western Caribbean Via Cruise ShipFlats Fishing the Western Caribbean Via Cruise Ship: Oct. 23, 2008 I was fortunate that Rod had secured the island’s top flats guides. Kevin Bodden would be guiding us on the remote rubble flats, while Perry Cooper would be guiding us for snook and tarpon in the interior mangrove shorelines of Calabash Bight.
Crappie Fishing Mistakes: Oct. 23, 2008 Most of us work full time jobs and when we go fishing it is our release on the constant stresses of life. I did some extensive research about crappie fishing and came up with the following common crappie fishing mistakes. By Mark Fleagle
Spinner Shark Mania - Overlooked & UnderfishedSpinner Shark Mania - Overlooked & Underfished: Oct. 21, 2008 If you are fishing for the right kind of Sharks, it is one heck of a sport for even the most avid angler. The all mighty Spinner Shark should be your number one target when Shark fishing if you want to test your angling skills and find out if your tackle is up to par. By Capt. Richie Lott
Cuba Fly Fishing: Aug. 24, 2008 You'll find some of the finest bonefishing in the world in the JDR. Since these flats are never commercialy fished, they are teeming with bones that average a solid four to six pounds. An angler has lots of opportunities daily for fish in the seven to nine pound class. By Avalon
Fishing, What It Means: Aug. 24, 2008 If one was to ask an angler what fishing means to them, they would probably get a different reason from each of those fishers. There are loads of reasons why we fish and when you sit down and think about it, every one of those reasons has a meaning and something behind them. By Kevin Dahlke
Fishing for Fort Lauderdale SailfishFishing for Fort Lauderdale Sailfish: Jul. 12, 2008 The Sailfish is one of the glamour species available to Fort Lauderdale charter fishing boats. The fact that we encounter the vast majority of them within two miles of shore makes them an accessible and often willing target species. By Captain Rick Brady
Why Not Soft PlasticsWhy Not Soft Plastics: Feb. 7, 2008 It’s no secret that a jig and plastic combo is one of the most effective and versatile baits you can have in your box. By Ernest Miller
The Bountiful White Bucktail: Dec. 3, 2007 The white bucktail is basically some hairs tied to a jighead, which is the essence of simplicity itself. This lure has the striking white coloring that matches or mimics that vast majority of scaled baitfish around the world like minnows, shiners, whitebait, sardines, mullet, and balao. By Jan Stephen Maizler
Back from South Seas Island Resort: Nov. 13, 2007 There were huge quantities of minnows, whitebait, and mullet in the shallow Gulf. The area about a half-mile off the beach was full of predator species pursuing this bait. By Jan Stephen Maizler
Charlotte Harbor - Gulf Islands Attractions for Fishing Families in Florida: Nov. 13, 2007 Captain Ralph used a jack mackerel, bread, and seawater combination chum to net small whitebaits, large whitebaits, and small pinfish. By Jan Stephen Maizler
Exuma Bonefishing: An Alluring Sport!: Nov. 13, 2007 Bonefish are some of the most elusive fish in the sea and can be a slippery prey to hook; however with a knowledgeable guide and a few tricks and know-how, hooking yourself a “bone” can be a truly satisfying and pleasurable experience. By Amanda Smith-Barrett
A Grand Fishing Time at Bimini Bay Resort and Marina...: Nov. 12, 2007 I decided to try the Bimini Inlet for jigging action this turned out to be one of the highlights of this trip! By JAN MAIZLER
Approaching Winter Season - Tips For Winter Fishing: Nov. 12, 2007 Being a fly fishing fool that I am, I hate the wind, but its the days in between the fronts that can be superb! By Capt. Jeff Legutki
Swordfishing Fort lauderdale Style: Nov. 12, 2007 All of the rods were set out, staggered by depths and distance away from the boat. By Captain Cary Hanna
Fishing Alaska - Affordable for EveryoneFishing Alaska - Affordable for Everyone: Nov. 12, 2007 Everybody fantasizes about the incredible fishing that they'll someday experience when their dream of fishing Alaska finally comes true. By Tim Stenros
Fishing River Run Salmon: Sep. 25, 2007 One of my favorite things to do is fishing for Salmon in the rivers.. Standing within 40 feet of a groups of 10 to 20 pound fish that are in one foot of water of less is a beautiful thing. By Ernest Miller
Optimized Angling Travel: Sep. 16, 2007 When travel-savvy anglers head to new destinations near or far, they're sure to have done their homework in a full assessment of that new fishing place.
Jungle Ulua Adventures: May 2007 Season Opener: Jul. 29, 2007 After the all night drive across Bali to the car ferry that takes you to Java, and then another 2 hours to that last fishing village before the National Park, we were ready to board Bobby’s speed boat. By Cyrus Boyum
Panama Big Game Fishing: Jul. 28, 2007 When our plans for peacock bass fishing in Venezuela in early 2003 were terminated by the political strife there, I was delighted to stumble across an Internet website for a new fishing camp on the Pacific coast of Panama. By Riley Love
Freshwater Fishing - Fishing Light Tackle: Jul. 28, 2007 When a fishing rod and fishing reel are balanced, the design of the two together will set in your hand without holding it. This is very pronounced when fly fisherman don't have balanced equipment. By Ernest Miller
A Morehead City, North Carolina sport fishing tale!: Jun. 3, 2007 Bob has been Bluefin Tuna fishing with us about 12 times and never a nibble. We catch one the day before or the day after he leaves. His dream is to catch one stand-up. By Rick
Panama Revisited - Central America's Newest Fishing LodgePanama Revisited - Central America's Newest Fishing Lodge: Apr. 18, 2007 Mention Hannibal Bank or Isla Coiba to any serious big-game fisherman and images of giant black marlin, tackle-busting yellowfin tuna and bulldog cubera snappers immediately fill his head.
By Casey DeFoer
Alabama Deep Sea Fishing for Red Snapper: Apr. 18, 2007 Gill and I both believe this would have been a state record. It was probably between 80 and 90 pounds. I had been in Costa Rica only six months prior and had a good comparison of size on big sailfish. By Captain Don McPherson
Florida Fishing and Summertime Flats FishingFlorida Fishing and Summertime Flats Fishing: Apr. 4, 2007 It's Florida fishing on the Indian River flats for redfish, snook, trout and a lot of other saltwater species. By Captain Charlie Conner
Big Tarpon Time!: Mar. 11, 2007 Springtime has definitely come to SOFLA and the tarpon push is on. The water in north and south Biscayne Bay has edged into the seventies, at least for now. By Jan Stephen Maizler
Our 4th Alaska Fishing Lodge Experience - remote Lake CreekOur 4th Alaska Fishing Lodge Experience - remote Lake Creek: Feb. 18, 2007 We made a quick trip to the market for supplies to replenish the pantry at the Alaska fishing lodge Jason now operates on Lake Creek, and we arrived at Rust's Alaska Flying Service on Lake Hood shortly before 5 p.m. with our four big duffel bags and five boxes of groceries. By Wendy Johnson
Fun Fishing in Naples, Fl: Feb. 18, 2007 When heading out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico keep your eyes open for opportunities as you go. Recently as we were traveling southwest from Naples, Florida to go grouper fishing we happened upon a large flock of seagulls.... By Captain Allen Walburn

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