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Fishing Articles for Saltwater Anglers

Fishing articles to entertain and interest anglers when the weather has you stuck at the dock. When you can't fish or when bad weather keeps the boat land locked you should check out FinTalk fishing articles for everything thing from saltwater offshore sportfishing to inshore bay fishing. Read up on articles about tips, tactics, and techniques for everything from boat care to offshore big game billfishing methods.

Featured fishing articles written by some well known outdoors sports writers with some articles by writers from too. We try to update our articles every week with new fresh stories that anglers find interesting. So if you enjoy reading about the sport you love so much then check back regularly for updated fishing articles at If you are an angler and would like to tell a fishing story then feel free to send us your fishing article. You can get your name on the web if you are an amateur outdoors writer and if your are a professional or more experienced outdoors writer it is an excellent way to market yourself or your website or fishing or related business.
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Captain Butch's Fresh Water ExtravaganzaCaptain Butch's Fresh Water Extravaganza: Feb. 18, 2007 Today was a phenomenal day with Captain Butch Moser and Captain Jon Cooper in the canals of western Palm Beach County. It reminded me of the old days, when fishing was about catching and not just "shots", rods were called poles, and you counted what you caught,
ate, or released.
By Jan Stephen Maizler
Fly Fishing for Puerto Rico TarponFly Fishing for Puerto Rico Tarpon: Feb. 18, 2007 Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus), called Sabalo in Puerto Rico are found in great numbers around the island, specially around the mouths of rivers, estuaries and mangrove islands. Tarpon, along with snook and an assortment of jacks and snappers of various species provide sporting action all year round. By Captain Till Brauer
Catching Halibut Florida Style: Feb. 17, 2007 If you don't mind missing a few big ones but want to increase yourcatch while expending a lot less energy try Florida style grouper tactics to catch Alaska Halibut. By Allen Walburn
Puerto Rico: A Silver King ParadisePuerto Rico: A Silver King Paradise: Feb. 17, 2007 An important reminder is that the best tarpon season in Puerto Rico coincides with the winter and early spring in the US, providing the angler and his family with an excuse to escape the brutal winter weather and enjoy a few days of tropical warmth and relaxation. By Captain Till Brauer Mongil
North Carolina Charter Fishing, Morehead City Tuna FishingNorth Carolina Charter Fishing, Morehead City Tuna Fishing: Jan. 2, 2007 Slow start for the North Carolina charter boat fleet as boats were scattered out all over the place. Shane heard of a bite just inshore of us so started we started working the boat inshore a bit. We saw a buddy of ours fighting a nice tuna so we gave him his room as we made a wide circle around his charter boat. By Rick Evans
Trout Starving At Every Stop in Hopedale!: Jan. 1, 2007 There wasn't a single spot anywhere on the Hopedale marsh Thursday that my charter captain Rob “Redbone” Martin and I didn't get into the speckled trout! And big speckled trout, too, I might add! By Frank Davis
Battling Monster Giant Trevally In The Wilds Of Java IndonesiaBattling Monster Giant Trevally In The Wilds Of Java Indonesia: Dec. 17, 2006 Often it starts with a "here it comes!" "yeeehaaa", and then bracing for the run as the thrill of seeing a Giant Trevally smash into the lure sets in. By Cyrus Boyum
How to Properly “Catch and Release” Your Fish: Nov. 14, 2006 Study after study has shown that the majority of fish species can survive being caught and released if they are released properly. By Scott Perry
Fishing in Casa Blanca with expert angler and writer Jan MaizlerFishing in Casa Blanca with expert angler and writer Jan Maizler: Nov. 14, 2006 In a cascade of days that bought all kinds of weather-sunny, cloudy, windy, and calm-the flats fishing remained steady. By Jan Maizler
Alabama Deep Sea Fishing in the Fall and Winter: Oct. 25, 2006 Alabama Deep Sea Fishing can be great in the fall and winter. You can expect to catch a variety of fish on the longer trips. Some of the fish may include red grouper, gag grouper, scamp, vermillion snapper, white snapper, triggerfish and amberjack. By Captain Don McPherson
Angling to Save Sharks: Oct. 3, 2006 Shark fishermen in Baja, Mexico are saving sharks by bringing sporties out to catch big fish like Tuna, Dorado and Wahoo. By Paul Ahuja
Record Catfish Caught on Handmade Plug LureRecord Catfish Caught on Handmade Plug Lure: Oct. 1, 2006 Allthough this amazing catch took place at the river wesser in Germany which is a long way from Thailand, the Lure that enticed this monster was Hand made in Chiang Mai by Mangofishing Ltd. By Nathan James
Space Coast Fishing BonanzaSpace Coast Fishing Bonanza: Sep. 17, 2006 Fitting in this fishing trip was a bit like people squeezing in the subway - a bit of pushing, shoving, and rearranging, but generally leading to "all hands on deck." By Jan Maizler
A British Columbia Fishing AdventureA British Columbia Fishing Adventure: Sep. 17, 2006 The plans to fish the fabulous rivers and streams of British Columbia with Professional Angling Guide Clint Goyette of Valley Fishing Guides were long in the making. By Jan Stephen Maizler
Space Coast Florida Attractions and Features for Fishing Families: Aug. 28, 2006 I fished to the bait schools during low light times with white Spro bucktails and DOA small TerrorEyz with good effect, catching jacks, mackerel, and even a small bonito.
More Guidelines for Traveling Flats Anglers: Jul. 27, 2006 Always check out your prospective guide, and doubly verify them if they own the destination you're headed for.
Sorry Charlie: Jul. 14, 2006 Yellowfin Tuna Fishing How-To For Small-Boat Owners. Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Isn't Just For the Big Boys. More and more small-boat owners are heading to the blue water battle grounds. By Jerry LaBella
When Traveling Flats Anglers Use Outfitters: Jul. 5, 2006 One phrase that serves as an important guide for traveling flats anglers that use an outfitting service is, " to thine ownself, be true." By Jan Stephen Maizler
Fishing Pontchartrain Under the Bridge: Jun. 15, 2006 Wanna do some fishing this weekend? Wanna catch a bunch of fish? But you don't wanna fish in the sun? Well, you solve that dilemma by launching into Lake Pontchartrain, heading over toward the Twin Spans on the South side, and anchoring under the bridge. By Frank Davis
Fly Fishing for Trout - Casting or Hunting: May 1, 2006 Fly fishing has far more in common with hunting than it does with other forms of fishing. This is because trout are such a timid creature and are so easily spooked. By Wayne Smith
Pier Fishing: May 1, 2006 There are many advantages and disadvantages to pier fishing. If you do not have a boat, pier fishing is the next best alternative. By Joshua
Frank's Tough Day in Lake Pontchartrain: Apr. 5, 2006 He gets shutout while those around him reel 'em in By Frank Davis
Atlantic CroakerAtlantic Croaker: Apr. 5, 2006 Atlantic croakers (croaker): species profile, where, when, and how to fish and catch. The future of the of this tasty species may be in jeopardy ! By Jerry LaBella
Big Grouper off the Alabama Gulf CoastBig Grouper off the Alabama Gulf Coast: Apr. 5, 2006 Many people across the country are well aware of Alabama having some of the very best Red Snapper fishing around the world. By Captain Don McPherson
What Happened to Weakfish?: Apr. 5, 2006 Large Gray Trout have all but disappeared from angler's favorite fishing holes in most reions of the East Coast. By Richen Brame
Angler of Two Faces: Mar. 30, 2006 For the Coast Guard, he's an asset that we would have a hard time doing without. His area knowledge is invaluable to me." -Senior Chief Ernest Mellow of the Venice, Louisiana, Coast Guard By Jerry LaBella
Milkfish on a FlyMilkfish on a Fly: Mar. 12, 2006 One of the exciting prospects of being a fly fisher is taking new species, developing new or modifying existing fly patterns to suit local conditions and situation. The spectrum is almost unlimited, Bait fish, Crabs, Shrimps, Weed, Insects and the list goes on. By Craig Jenkins
A Day on the Wenlock River: Mar. 12, 2006 Only an hour drive north of Weipa is Gloughs Landing on the banks of the Wenlock River. Although I have fished the Wenlock on many occasions over the years, it's still a mysterious river holding secrets that only time on the river can unlock. By Craig Jenkins
Fishing Charters Milwaukee May and June Presentation Tips #7: Mar. 12, 2006 Lake Michigan Fishing Tips #7 and #8 This time period provides great action on Brown trout, Chinooks, Coho and Rainbows. Browns, at this time of the year, will come on similar presentations, lures and locations as I described in the last articles. By Captain Jim Hirt
Fishing Lake Michigan Milwaukee Lure Presentation: Mar. 12, 2006 Lake Michigan Fishing Tips #5 and #6 Brown trout like the warmest water of the five game fish in Lake Michigan. By Captain Jim Hirt

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