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Saltwater fishing articles and news
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Fishing Articles for Saltwater Anglers

Fishing articles to entertain and interest anglers when the weather has you stuck at the dock. When you can't fish or when bad weather keeps the boat land locked you should check out FinTalk fishing articles for everything thing from saltwater offshore sportfishing to inshore bay fishing. Read up on articles about tips, tactics, and techniques for everything from boat care to offshore big game billfishing methods.

Featured fishing articles written by some well known outdoors sports writers with some articles by writers from too. We try to update our articles every week with new fresh stories that anglers find interesting. So if you enjoy reading about the sport you love so much then check back regularly for updated fishing articles at If you are an angler and would like to tell a fishing story then feel free to send us your fishing article. You can get your name on the web if you are an amateur outdoors writer and if your are a professional or more experienced outdoors writer it is an excellent way to market yourself or your website or fishing or related business.
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Flounders in the SurfFlounders in the Surf: Sep. 18, 2005 Let's have a quick look at the tackle and some of the techniques that will fool flounders in the surf. By Joe Malat
Loads of trout available between Grand Isle and Lafitte: Sep. 12, 2005 When my fishing team and I got back from our trip to Lafitte and Grand Isle this Thursday, we could tell everyone that without one iota of exaggeration we were up to our necks in thousands upon thousands of speckled trout all morning long. By Frank Davis
History of Float Plan Central: Sep. 12, 2005 A segment of the class included a discussion of the importance of preparing a float plan. By Vern A. Jansky, Flotilla 33-2, D8-WR
Fall Fishing Just Around the Corner: Sep. 7, 2005 Going forward during the fishing season, you’re apt to see very little in the way of fishing pressure on both the freshwater and saltwater scenes. By Lisa Moriguchi
The Saline Wedge: Sep. 3, 2005 Drought does affect the movement of fish in the estuarine environment By Timothy Kusherets
Fish Lake Pontchartrain in the shade!: Sep. 1, 2005 Fish Lake Pontchartrain in the shade? What shade? - Lake Pontchartrain is in New Orleans Louisiana that is held back by a levee system as New Orleans is below sea level. By Frank Davis
Long Hot DaysLong Hot Days: Aug. 31, 2005 These hot temperatures have surely done something for the ocean fishing around these parts. We have had more sailfish than any of us can remember. By Captain Jim Hammond
The Spectacular Snook of Sanibel Island: Aug. 30, 2005 Early summer had begun to warm the waters of Sanibel and Captiva Islands off Fort Myers, Florida. By Jan Stephen Maizler
High Water: Aug. 30, 2005 ....water levels in local lakes, rivers, and in the lagoon system are high and in many cases the water is discolored..... By Capt. John Kumiski
Women and Fishing: Aug. 28, 2005 From my perspective, women and fishing are not that big a deal. Most women would rather do something other than go fishing with their free time. By Captain John Kumiski
The Genuine Angler: Aug. 24, 2005 Do anglers need to be great? Who are the people dispensing the criteria for greatness? By Jan Maizler
Can salmon really see in the dark?Can salmon really see in the dark?: Aug. 21, 2005 Saltwater Night Fishing for Salmon By Timothy Kusherets
No Fortune Needed to Go Fishing: Aug. 20, 2005 Required equipment includes bait, sinkers, hooks, bobbers, line, rod and reel, along with a tackle box to store... By Drew Hennigar
In Tune With TunaIn Tune With Tuna: Aug. 8, 2005 Tuna fishing the Gulf of Mexico at night doesn't get any better than this... By Jerry Labella
Genetically smaller fish due to overfishing?: Aug. 1, 2005 The reason fishermen are catching smaller fish than their predecessors might not be just because all the big ones have been caught. By Associated Press
Secrets to Fishing Bars and Chains: Jul. 30, 2005 This is offshore tackle and fishing tip #4 in our series of tips by Captain Mike Fisher By Captain Mike Fisher
All About Bait Ball Daisy Chains: Jul. 30, 2005 This is fishing tip #3 in our series of offshore tackle and fishing tips by Captain Mike Fisher. By Captain Mike Fisher
Fishing is not a Sport, it's a Lifestyle!: Jul. 30, 2005 Fishing is not a matter of life or death, its more important than that. By A Young Unknown Angler
“Terminal-Polarity” Drift-Fishing“Terminal-Polarity” Drift-Fishing: Jul. 28, 2005 Setting up the Mainline and Leader in Reverse By Timothy Kusherets
Catching Salmon in the Pacific: Jul. 26, 2005 Although it's already one of the most popular fishing sports, salmon fishing is still growing. By Flipper' Thomas
Summer Surf Fishing StrategiesSummer Surf Fishing Strategies: Jul. 22, 2005 Traditionally, summer surf fishing has taken a back seat to the cooler months of spring and fall. By Joe Malat
A Wonderful Holiday Fishing Trip: Jul. 18, 2005 From Florida Keys fishing boat charters, North Carolina charter boat fishing, to Quebec Ice fishing...... By Hannah Turner
Fish Conservation - Tips for Anglers: Jun. 29, 2005 Countless older anglers have said it - " we used to take ‘em out of here by the bucketful" Now adays they are saying something quite different. By Recycled Fish
Fishing. An anglers guide to Catch and Release: Jun. 29, 2005 Anglers can have a powerful positive - or negative - impact upon the resource. Catch and release is one of the most direct things an angler can do to benefit fisheries. By Recycled Fish
South Carolina Fishing: Jun. 24, 2005 A Summary of DNR Fishing News Releases - South Carolina By S.C. DNR Mike Creel
Pelagic Magic Spreader Bars: Jun. 11, 2005 Fishing Tip # 2 in a series of saltwater fishing tips By Captain Mike Fisher
Cocodrie Fishin' Fixin' To Bust Loose!: May 12, 2005 This weeks speckled trout fishing conditions just below Cocodrie is..... By Frank Davis
Summer Spanish MackerelSummer Spanish Mackerel: May 12, 2005 Catch Spanish mackerel along the entire length of the Outer Banks from Ocracoke to Oregon Inlet. By Joe Malat
PETA anti-fishing sign gets hook in Texas: May 1, 2005 An anti-fishing billboard in the coastal city of Galveston featuring a dog with a hook piercing its lip will be taken down after complaints from local drivers. By Reuters
What's a Spreader Bar?: Apr. 6, 2005 Our first tip in a series of saltwater fishing tips By Captain Mike Fisher

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