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Saltwater fishing articles and news
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Fishing Articles for Saltwater Anglers

Fishing articles to entertain and interest anglers when the weather has you stuck at the dock. When you can't fish or when bad weather keeps the boat land locked you should check out FinTalk fishing articles for everything thing from saltwater offshore sportfishing to inshore bay fishing. Read up on articles about tips, tactics, and techniques for everything from boat care to offshore big game billfishing methods.

Featured fishing articles written by some well known outdoors sports writers with some articles by writers from too. We try to update our articles every week with new fresh stories that anglers find interesting. So if you enjoy reading about the sport you love so much then check back regularly for updated fishing articles at If you are an angler and would like to tell a fishing story then feel free to send us your fishing article. You can get your name on the web if you are an amateur outdoors writer and if your are a professional or more experienced outdoors writer it is an excellent way to market yourself or your website or fishing or related business.
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Fishing For Mackerel in MaineFishing For Mackerel in Maine: Mar. 12, 2005 I had fished for many different types of fish all through my life. I had tried almost every type of lure, and technique By Lloyd Metcalf
What’s the right type of Boating Education?: Feb. 26, 2005 What is the right type of boating education? I’ve been asked this question many times over the years. This is one of those questions that are hard to answer. By Wayne Spivak
"Catching Sea Mullet""Catching Sea Mullet": Feb. 26, 2005 Fishing Articles by Joe Malat, a proven authority on surf fishing and North Carolina's Outer Banks! By Joe Malat
Wanna Fish Port Sulphur? You Gotta Know What You're Doing!Wanna Fish Port Sulphur? You Gotta Know What You're Doing!: Feb. 26, 2005 If you're leaning toward spending the whole weekend on the water catching speckled trout, I'm here to tell you that it can be done By Frank Davis
Get Ready For the TroutGet Ready For the Trout: Feb. 26, 2005 Both of these trout species can be caught in the same places, using the same bait or lures and at the same time of the year. By Capt. Jim Hammond
Mardi Gras Sheepshead Filling In For Trout and Reds at CocodrieMardi Gras Sheepshead Filling In For Trout and Reds at Cocodrie: Feb. 13, 2005 If going to the parades is not on your agenda for this weekend, or even for Fat Tuesday, I can tell you first-hand that you might want to parade on over to Cocodrie for a mid-winter fishing trip. By Frank Davis
Cold Water Reds Stacked On The Marsh At Golden Meadow: Feb. 13, 2005 If you're hankering for a real fight with some bully-size redfish this weekend then...... By Frank Davis
Offshore Fluke: Feb. 10, 2005 Offshore Fluke -
Bottom Structure is the key!
By Capt. Al Lorenzetti
"An Introduction to Surf Fishing": Jan. 24, 2005 With a minimum of effort and expense, anyone can catch a fish from the beach. By Joe Malat
Winter Stripers off Nags Head, NCWinter Stripers off Nags Head, NC: Jan. 18, 2005 Hi, I’m Tom and I’m a …. Stra… Stra… Striperholic. Call it addicted, call it possessed, whatever you call it… I’ve got it bad. By Thomas Lemaire
The Lowcountry Angler!: Jan. 10, 2005 SC Fishing Report - Charleston’s inshore fishery has been described as an angling adventure comparable to none. By Capt. Chris Chavis
How The Big Ones Get Away: Jan. 7, 2005 Knowing where and when to fish for the big ones is but a small part of the recipe for a successful fishing trip. By Fred Everson
Mud Lump Specks: Jan. 7, 2005 Our faces went from a gleeful look to a solemn one as we stared at the steam bellowing from the boat's engine cover. By Jerry Labella
Ship Shape II - Boating TipsShip Shape II - Boating Tips: Jan. 3, 2005 Ship Shape II: Battery Switch, Isolators & Integrator Systems How To By Jerry LaBella
The Float and Fly: A Historical and Sporting View: Dec. 29, 2004 The "Newest" tactic to catch big fish! By Jim Dicken
The Hurricanes DID ITThe Hurricanes DID IT: Dec. 25, 2004 For those of us in Florida this was the year of the HURRICANE. By Capt. Jim Hammond
Fishing Delacroix Island, Louisiana, with Captain JoeFishing Delacroix Island, Louisiana, with Captain Joe: Dec. 24, 2004 Delacroix, Louisiana, is home of some of the best marsh fishing to be found anywhere–
and Captain Joe perhaps knows this better than anyone else.
By Jerry LaBella
Fall run on now for stripers, blues & weakfishFall run on now for stripers, blues & weakfish: Dec. 5, 2004 Days of dreaming about waters boiling with striper tails, bluefish blitzes and weakfish frenzies will see their reality come to fruition right now By Nick Honachefsky
A FRENZY BITE!A FRENZY BITE!: Dec. 5, 2004 My son Cal and I took a fishing trip with Dennis Treffry across to Catalina in his 22 foot center console Chris Craft. By George Van Zant
Disabled fisherman angling for fishing history: Dec. 5, 2004   By RAY SASSER The Dallas Morning News
BE KIND TO THAT STRIPERBE KIND TO THAT STRIPER: Dec. 4, 2004 Live bait fishing for stripers is a very exciting and often rewarding technique By Capt. Al Lorenzetti
Florida Sport Fishing After the HurricanesFlorida Sport Fishing After the Hurricanes: Nov. 10, 2004 See what the state of the Sport Fishing Industry of Florida is after all those hurricanes. By Jim Dicken
Angling Abroad: Panama billfishingAngling Abroad: Panama billfishing: Nov. 9, 2004 Isolated lodge offers ecological options east of Panama City By Tim Gaynor
On The Level: Oct. 23, 2004 Hydrofoils, trim tabs, and power trim devices all can improve your boats planing and driving performance.
Adding a hydrofoil device to your outdrive will get your boat onto a quicker plane.
By Jerry LaBella
South Carolina Redfish TacticsSouth Carolina Redfish Tactics: Oct. 23, 2004 If you're looking to add a little pop to your redfish action, here's a local's techniques for taking advantage of South Carolina's improving redfish population By Walt Rhodes
Trophy Speckle Trout of Bay MarchandTrophy Speckle Trout of Bay Marchand: Oct. 23, 2004 Catching trophy-sized speckled trout near oil rig structures is easy if you use live bait.
Learn how to fish & catch speckled trout at Louisiana rig structures with live bait.
Speckled trout rig fishing techniques, tactics, methods, & tips.

By Jerry LaBella
Gulf snapper beckon anglers through Oct.Gulf snapper beckon anglers through Oct.: Oct. 3, 2004 ORANGE BEACH, Ala. — As summer draws to a close and autumn's cooler breezes blow across the Gulf of Mexico, it's common for anglers to heed the call. By Allan Clemmons
Striper regulations debated: Oct. 3, 2004 The time may be right for new regulations for striped bass fishing at Smith Mountain Lake By Bill Cochran
Speed limits in state ports on agenda: Oct. 3, 2004 MOREHEAD CITY - Federal fisheries authorities are looking at slowing down the big boats coming and going around North Carolina's state ports. By PATRICIA SMITH
Study: 90 percent decline of big fish: Sep. 6, 2004 Commercial fishing has emptied the world's oceans of 90 percent of the populations of large prized tuna, swordfish, marlin and other fish species that flourished a half-century ago, two marine scientists reported. By John Heilprin

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