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Fishing Articles for Saltwater Anglers

Fishing articles to entertain and interest anglers when the weather has you stuck at the dock. When you can't fish or when bad weather keeps the boat land locked you should check out FinTalk fishing articles for everything thing from saltwater offshore sportfishing to inshore bay fishing. Read up on articles about tips, tactics, and techniques for everything from boat care to offshore big game billfishing methods.

Featured fishing articles written by some well known outdoors sports writers with some articles by writers from too. We try to update our articles every week with new fresh stories that anglers find interesting. So if you enjoy reading about the sport you love so much then check back regularly for updated fishing articles at If you are an angler and would like to tell a fishing story then feel free to send us your fishing article. You can get your name on the web if you are an amateur outdoors writer and if your are a professional or more experienced outdoors writer it is an excellent way to market yourself or your website or fishing or related business.
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Speckled Trout in the SurfSpeckled Trout in the Surf: Dec. 31, 2014 The best time to catch speckled trout in the Outer Banks surf is the fall By Joe Malat
How To Use My GPSHow To Use My GPS: Jan. 24, 2013 For those of you not familiar with G.P.S. I will give you a brief overview of the product. Global Positioning System is a series of satellites that circle the earth each with a distinctive signal. By Captain Jim Hirt
Buying a New Saltwater Rod and ReelBuying a New Saltwater Rod and Reel: Dec. 19, 2011 Tips on choosing a brand new saltwater fishing rod and reel by professional fishing guide Gary Burch of Allcatch Charters. By Captain Gary Burch
Get Hooked on the Destin Fishing RodeoGet Hooked on the Destin Fishing Rodeo: Sep. 14, 2011 Anglers can compete in a variety of categories and prizes are awarded on a daily and weekly basis, and overall awards are announced at the end of the Rodeo. Weigh ins are held daily, from 10am-7pm behind AJ’s Seafood and Oyster bar, right on Destin’s Historic Harbor. By Susan Moody
Tuna Fishing Time In Massachusetts Fishing GroundsTuna Fishing Time In Massachusetts Fishing Grounds: Sep. 10, 2011 The sheer amount of tuna in Massachusetts Bay over the past few seasons has been staggering. Large schools of small football size tuna, along with some true giants, have been frequent visitors to the waters off Cape Cod, presenting an incredible opportunity for anyone willing to put in the time and effort. By Captain Ryan Collins
Tennessee River Fishing ChartersTennessee River Fishing Charters: Apr. 14, 2011 The Tennessee River is formed near Knoxville, where the Holston River and the French Broad River converge. It’s a big river – the largest of the Ohio River’s tributaries, and it’s home to some big fish.
Naples Deep Sea Fishing ChartersNaples Deep Sea Fishing Charters: Apr. 14, 2011 Naples is located in Southwest Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico. Many people visit for the beautiful beaches, the shopping, and the culture, but for visiting anglers, it’s all about the fishing! The waters around Naples are blessed with warm year-round temperatures and abundant food sources for fish, so a wide range of fish species thrive here.
Chesapeake Bay Striper Fishing – Reedville, VA: Apr. 14, 2011 Located on Virginia’s northern neck, between the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers, Reedville is definitely a fishing town. Fishing charters are readily available to take anglers to fish the bountiful waters of the Chesapeake Bay.
Chesapeake Beach Fishing Maryland: Apr. 14, 2011 Chesapeake Beach, Maryland is located on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, where the Bay and Fishing Creek intersect. Tall sandstone cliffs can be found at the city’s southern end. Because of the constant wave action of the Bay, along with other elements of erosion, some of the sand has found its way into the Chesapeake, forming shallows and sandbars.
Chesapeake Bay Striper FishingChesapeake Bay Striper Fishing: Apr. 14, 2011 Deltaville, Virginia is a quaint community that’s located on the eastern point of the state’s Middle Peninsula. Once the center of the wooden ship-building industry on the Chesapeake Bay, the town is now a tourist center dotted with yacht clubs, marinas, and sailing charters.
Chesapeake Bay Fishing ChartersChesapeake Bay Fishing Charters: Apr. 14, 2011 The Chesapeake Bay provides rich and varied fishing grounds, and this is a huge body of water. In fact, before white Europeans began exploring and settling the area, many of the Native Americans living near the Chesapeake found it difficult to believe that an even larger body of water lay just to the east of the Bay. Within this expanse of water are several different types of fish habitats, along with a wide range of fish species that anglers find attractive.
Ucluelet Fishing - Where to Bring Your Kids Fishing?Ucluelet Fishing - Where to Bring Your Kids Fishing?: Aug. 20, 2010 It doesn’t stop with a father and son. Mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, brothers, friends, companions, working colleagues--Salmon and/or Halibut fishing on the West Coast of Vancouver Island provides a great bonding experience between all kinds of age groups, and it never gets old. Men, women and children laugh over the fish stories they have to tell each other. By Amy Randall
King Mackerel Fishing in Fort LauderdaleKing Mackerel Fishing in Fort Lauderdale: Aug. 13, 2010 Deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale with live bait gives you the best chance of catching multiple different species like Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Cobia, Wahoo, and of course King mackerel. By Captain Tom Zsak
Snook Fishing from ShoreSnook Fishing from Shore: May 26, 2010 A lot of people think that you have to have a boat to fish, especially to fish for Snook. This is just not true. I have spent the last 5 to 6 years fishing for Snook on shore. I have also fished for them in a boat, but I have found out that I am more successful when fishing for Snook from shore.
By Randy Laukshtein
Fishing Milwaukee Cold Start Finding FishFishing Milwaukee Cold Start Finding Fish: Apr. 8, 2010 In previous articles we covered basic leadcore. I would recommend trying a leadcore line set up. This presentation will work when all others are dead. In this article I would like to explain where to start if you have not been out for awhile. By Captain Jim Hirt
Fishing Leadcore Presentation Is On Fire!!Fishing Leadcore Presentation Is On Fire!!: Apr. 8, 2010 Here are some ways to present lures in spring. This time of year look for most of your fish in the top 50 feet. Keep your eye on your locator and also work deeper marks when you see them. By Captain Jim Hirt
Catch More Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout This SummerCatch More Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout This Summer: Feb. 7, 2010 Lake Michigan fishing is like a puzzle with a few of the pieces missing. At least this is how it feels some days. Just when you think you have it figured out, here comes the twist of the week. After 30 years of fishing Lake Michigan from over 20 different ports, there are a few things that remain constant...... By Captain Andy Derwinski
10 Tips to Catch More and Bigger Halibut10 Tips to Catch More and Bigger Halibut: Jan. 9, 2010 Ten minutes after our lines hit the bottom, one of the rods on the left side of the boat began that familiar tap, tap, tap. A few second later the line pulled tight, burying the rod tip. Our first halibut of the day was hooked. While halibut are abundant throughout Alaska, there are several tricks that can help anglers catch more fish, and bigger halibut as well. By Capt. Andy Martin
Lake El Salto BassLake El Salto Bass: Oct. 13, 2009 El Salto could produce the next world record largemouth bass. By John N. Felsher
Chapman enters National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of FameChapman enters National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame: Oct. 13, 2009 As a 2009 inductee, Billy joined 26 other fishing luminaries previously inducted for the prestigious "Special Recognition" category since its inception in 1992. Emmitt Brown, NFWFHF executive director, made the presentation to honor Billy as a Legendary Angler. By John N. Felsher
Fishing Resort Exposé: Your Need-to-Knows About The IndustryFishing Resort Exposé: Your Need-to-Knows About The Industry: Sep. 22, 2009 Guided fishing trips can provide many anglers the best chance to keep the line tight and the coolers full, and many fishing lodges and fishing resorts do this. Unfortunately, many do not. Instead, some lodges are plagued by having a fixed location or substandard guides. In order to ensure the best possible fishing experience, potential customers should ask sufficient questions to find a guided-fishing experience that lives up to its claims. By Kaitlyn Linamen
Hooks, Rods, Reels and High Heels - Fishing is Just Not a Guy's Thing AnymoreHooks, Rods, Reels and High Heels - Fishing is Just Not a Guy's Thing Anymore: Sep. 10, 2009 Last week, I over heard some locals mentioning that the Salmon were running. The Salmon are running.I thought to myself, boy, I would surely love the experience of catching such a large fish. So, I decided to take action and plan a fishing trip on the Muskegon River with local fisherman, Jim Churchill, of Riverside Outfitters LLC. By Sherri Russell
Keys to Selecting a Deep Sea Fishing RodKeys to Selecting a Deep Sea Fishing Rod: Sep. 8, 2009 Deep sea fishing is like hunting for big game. You wouldn’t take a slingshot to hunt big animals, so don’t take a lightweight rod to catch big fish. That’s the point of deep sea fishing, catching big fish like giant halibut; large sea bass and marlin. By Iggy Karl
Southeast Asia's First "Fly-Fishing Only, Catch & Release" DestinationSoutheast Asia's First "Fly-Fishing Only, Catch & Release" Destination: Aug. 31, 2009 According to the company's founder, Jon Ingi, "Asian Angling Adventures goal is to help the Karen people utilise their fisheries resources in a sustainable manner." Via catch & release, fish stocks within the long-established protection zones can be harnessed to directly generate revenue for the villages. By Jon Ingi Agustsson
Boat Cleaning & Boat Maintenance: Aug. 8, 2009 Boat waxes are usually made from natural and synthetic waxes such as Bees Wax, Paraffin and Carnauba. Carnauba waxes are the most popular because they can be buffed to a high shine. By Richard Kittar, CEO
Plumbing the Depth: Jul. 3, 2009 One of the most important things to do before you begin to fish is to plumb the depth. In an eagerness to get their bait into the water this is often overlooked by both anglers new to the sport and experienced fishermen alike. Plumbing the depth should only take a few minutes and can often be the difference between a full keep net and an empty one. By Nigel Wharrier
Fishing Years Gone ByFishing Years Gone By: Jan. 3, 2009 Many of us anglers these days can look back from the days we were kids and smile from all of the memories that we have. Those days may not be able to be relived, but these days are the days that we will never forget as we grow older. By Kevin Dahlke
Flats Fishing the Western Caribbean Via Cruise ShipFlats Fishing the Western Caribbean Via Cruise Ship: Oct. 23, 2008 I was fortunate that Rod had secured the island’s top flats guides. Kevin Bodden would be guiding us on the remote rubble flats, while Perry Cooper would be guiding us for snook and tarpon in the interior mangrove shorelines of Calabash Bight.
Crappie Fishing Mistakes: Oct. 23, 2008 Most of us work full time jobs and when we go fishing it is our release on the constant stresses of life. I did some extensive research about crappie fishing and came up with the following common crappie fishing mistakes. By Mark Fleagle
Spinner Shark Mania - Overlooked & UnderfishedSpinner Shark Mania - Overlooked & Underfished: Oct. 21, 2008 If you are fishing for the right kind of Sharks, it is one heck of a sport for even the most avid angler. The all mighty Spinner Shark should be your number one target when Shark fishing if you want to test your angling skills and find out if your tackle is up to par. By Capt. Richie Lott

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