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Catching Halibut Florida Style
If you don't mind missing a few big ones but want to increase yourcatch while expending a lot less energy try Florida style grouper tactics to catch Alaska Halibut.

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By Allen Walburn
Posted Saturday, February 17, 2007

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Kodiak Alaska fishing
A Nice King salmon pulled from the waters of Kodiak Alaska.

During the summer of 2006 in Larsen Bay Alaska, the staff at Kodiak Island Resort decided to experiment with different tactics for catching halibut. The traditional method using terminal tackle with 16/0 circle hooks, 2-pound sinkers and 130-pound Dacron line that have always produced fish. The down side to this style of fishing is it is tiresome holding heavy rods and reels. Fishing with a fully rigged halibut outfit requires a lot of strength and energy we decided to try and change all of that.

After various experiments we tried a Florida style grouper rig for halibut and were surprised with the results. Fishing thirty pound monofilament, seven foot Star rod, a three ounce egg sinker and 7/0 Mustad J-hook consistently outfished the traditional halibut rig. The results were so overwhelming that often times the light tackle would produce bites and catches of 4 and 5 times the rate of the traditional tackle.

We found using an octopus tentacle, about eight inches long, for bait, proved deadly to the unsuspecting halibut. We caught countless fish using this style, in the 20-40 pound range, with our biggest topping out at 87 pounds.

Kodiak Alaska fishing
A nice colorful rockfish pulled from the waters of Kodiak Alaska.

The one down side from light tackle halibut fishing is your inability to control the numerous "barn door halibut" that like this style of fishing as well. On more than one occasion big halibut chomped down on our offerings and refused to return our gear. In fact they would take the hook, sinker and line (completely dump the reel) without even saying thanks.

If you don't mind missing a few big ones but want to increase you catch while expending a lot less energy try Florida style grouper tactics to catch Alaska Halibut.

The halibut fishing around Kodiak Island is so good you can split your time fishing terminal gear for the barn doors then switching over to catch the 20-40 pound chickens for the dinner table. Kodiak Island Resort will provide you with both opportunities to catch halibut.


Author Allen Walburn has been a U.S. Coast Guard licensed master of power vessels up to 100 tons for 30 years. He has operated A & B Charters from the Naples City Dock since 1977. Recently he has become managing partner for Alaska's Kodiak Island resort.


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