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Chesapeake Bay Striper Fishing – Reedville, VA
Located on Virginia’s northern neck, between the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers, Reedville is definitely a fishing town. Fishing charters are readily available to take anglers to fish the bountiful waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

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Posted Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Chesapeake Bay Striper Fishing – Reedville, VA

Located on Virginia’s northern neck, between the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers, Reedville is definitely a fishing town. Fishing charters are readily available to take anglers to fish the bountiful waters of the Chesapeake Bay. There’s even a fisherman’s museum in Reedville, where visitors can learn about the history of the local fishing industry. Reedville is pretty famous for its stripers, too. In fact, the village holds a Bluefish and Rockfish Derby every year that attracts anglers from all over.

While several fish species are big and plentiful here, none garners the attention and respect of Chesapeake Bay fishermen as much as the striped bass, also called the striper or the rockfish. Stripers get huge in the Bay. The largest one on record was a 67.5-pound brute that was landed at Bloody Point. If you want in on some of this exciting angling, come to the Chesapeake and be ready to do battle with a big rockfish!

Spring trophy season for Chesapeake Bay stripers

Few events along the Chesapeake Bay are as eagerly anticipated as the spring trophy season for stripers. Why is this season called the trophy season? Because this is when the striper anglers go after the big boys! In late winter and early spring, the rockfish head to freshwater rivers along the Bay in order to spawn. Trophy striper season changes from year to year, but it generally begins in the middle of April and continues until the middle of May, so there’s only a short window of opportunity to land a monster rockfish. For 2011, Virginia’s spring trophy season for the Chesapeake opens on April 16 and continues through May 14. During this season, anglers are allowed to keep two stripers. One must be 28 inches or less in length, and one can be larger, but it if it measures longer than 32 inches, a catch report must be filed.

Chesapeake Bay fall striper season

During the cooler months of fall, the rockfish tend to “school up.” This means they’re often easier to locate, and when you locate one, it could mean that several of its buddies are nearby. Virginia’s fall striper season for the Chesapeake and its tributaries opens on October 4 and continues until December 31. During this fishing season, two rockfish per person may be kept, but both must measure longer than 18 inches. Of these two fish, one can be between 18 and 28 inches, and another can be longer than 34 inches. No striped bass measuring between 28 and 34 inches may be kept.

Use an experienced Chesapeake Bay fishing guide or charter service

It can get rather confusing as to which fish are legal during different fishing seasons in the Chesapeake Bay, not to mention the difficulty of being able to navigate all the points, channels, shallows, and wrecks safely and effectively. You’ll be much better off hiring one of the Chesapeake Bay fishing guides or charters.

You’ll have many from which to choose, but one of the best is Captain Jeff Adams and his crew on the Providence II, a 53-foot custom fishing boat designed specifically for the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic off the coast of Virginia. Adams was born into the commercial fishing business and has spent his life fishing the coastal waters of Virginia.


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