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Hunting For Exotics In Asia
Outside hunting in Africa's Big Five, hunting enthusiasts can find many exotic locations throughout the world that are worth exploring.

Articles published about deer hunting, turkey hunting and more... Nice shot as this hunter takes down a white tail deer.

By Bjorg Jago
Posted Monday, July 18, 2005

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Outside hunting in Africa's Big Five, hunting enthusiasts can find many exotic locations throughout the world that are worth exploring. Since guided hunts are big business, many of these exotic locations offer a better free-range hunting excursion with a more ethical approach. The local guides of these areas accompany hunting parties on fair chases and understand the natural surrounding and the habits of that area's wildlife. Since the animals are not limited to a specific range, odds of always making a kill aren't guaranteed and the hunt is more authentic and fair.

Ever since China opened its borders and the Soviet Union fell, western hunters have been welcomed into the Asian continent. Even though the more remote areas of Asia are tough to travel, the excitement of hunting in these regions is worth the experience. Also, although China is populated with over a billion citizens, many of its residents live outside the huge expanses of desert and mountainous regions. In these sparsely populated regions, many exotic animals special to just that area exist and are of great interest to many sport hunters. To keep hunting to a minimum, only a set number of licenses are issued each year for certain
animals like the takin, a wild sheep with a very unusual look that lives in the forest. Another hunted animal in China is the blue sheep that lives in the mountains. The large Argali sheep that also live in the mountains are often hunted.

Inside the remote country of Kazakhstan is the mighty Asian elk. Kazakhstan was once an independent republic inside the Soviet Union and occupies an area half the size of the US. International flights into its largest city, Almaty, are available. Nowhere else on earth is the elk population larger than in Kazakhstan. Trophy hunting is easy since this species of elk is very huge. Other exotic animals often hunted in this region are ibex and five various species of the mountain-dwelling argali sheep.

Hunting in the small mountainous nation of Kyrgyzstan was opened to the western world in the middle of the 1980~s. The best time of year to hunt in this area is the months of October and November. This area of the world is known for large size Asian ibex and provides hunters with several species of argali sheep as well.

Mongolia is a nation of excellent horsemen and hunters who fully respect this country's beautiful and very rugged land that has remained untainted for centuries. Camping in traditional Mongolian tent camps called Yurts is how hunters spend their time. Ibex and Asian elk are the more popular exotic hunted animals. Traveling to Mongolia in wintertime is only for the very hardy; so most hunts take place only in the autumn.

Financing a foreign trip is expensive. However, for those who can afford this exotic hunting trip, the true hunter will greatly appreciate all that Asia has to offer.


Bjorg Jago is the owner for Hunting Track
which is a leading resource for information on hunting on
the internet. Please click on his archive of articles for
further details:


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