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Hunting Articles, Deer, Turkey Hunting Articles

Experience the great outdoors with FinTalk's deer hunting articles. We have incorporated a few hunting articles for our fishermen to read because if you are like us you are all around sportsmen and that includes spending some time in the woods when the cold weather runs us off the water. Featured articles written by some well known outdoors sports writers with some articles by writers from too. Anything and everthing from deer hunting to bird hunting to gun tips. We try to update our articles every couple weeks or so with new fresh stories that hunters find interesting. So if you like to read about the sport you love so much then check back regularly for updated hunting articles and saltwater fishing articles at
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Articles published about deer hunting, turkey hunting and more... Nice shot as this hunter takes down a white tail deer.


Why and how to hunt the backcountry: Dec. 23, 2013 Venture Deep into the backcountry where the game is more plentiful and much BIGGER! By Wil Askew
Hunting September Roe: Sep. 23, 2005 .....a good mate of mine rang and told me of a nice buck he had seen in a very urban location By J.Darcy
Hunting For Exotics In Asia: Jul. 18, 2005 Outside hunting in Africa's Big Five, hunting enthusiasts can find many exotic locations throughout the world that are worth exploring. By Bjorg Jago
Turkey hunting isn't just a spring game: Nov. 10, 2004 Pursuing fall turkeys can be an exciting supplement to autumn hunts By Tim Herald
Virginia Game & FishVirginia Game & Fish: Oct. 23, 2004
Virginia's 2004 Deer Outlook


Our Best Hunting Areas
Where are the best places in the state to find deer this season? Here’s what the harvest data says.
By Mark Fiike
Stimulation is not about painStimulation is not about pain: Oct. 3, 2004 Touch, or stimulation, is a critical part in the development of dogs By By Rick Smith and Sharon Potter
Whitetail Deer, The All-Important ApproachWhitetail Deer, The All-Important Approach: Sep. 6, 2004 Here are some tips on how to get into the woods and on your deer stand without alerting every buck in the vicinity! By Gerald Almy
Fur hunting the UK with retrievers, ferrets: Aug. 25, 2004 While competing in the UK, Mike Stewart and Team USA had the chance to pursue rabbits afield with ferrets and their retrievers... By Mike Stewart

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