The Ethical angler and fishing etiquette
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Saltwater Fishing - Fishing Etiquette

Fishing Etiquette

We protect the environment of fish
We treat all fish with respect
We actively participate in the management of our fish
We respect the rights of others
Responsible Anglers Respect The Environment

As Ethical Anglers:

  1. We do not spill or dump gasoline, oil or other pollutants on land or into the water.
  2. When fishing we never leave trash behind, including worn or discarded line, old hooks and bait.
  3. We leave our fishing site as clean or cleaner than we found it.
  4. We report environmental damage and pollution to the relevant authorities.
  5. When boating or anchoring, we take care to avoid damaging sensitive areas.
  6. We do our best to prevent the spread of exotic plants and animals.
  7. We never use as live bait fish that do not normally reside in the waters we are fishing, nor do we introduce exotic species that may survive and reproduce into fishing waters.
    Fishing Pier For Beginners

    Responsible Anglers Respect Fish And Handle Them Carefully

    As Ethical Anglers:
  8. We use only legal tackle, attend to our gear and value our catch.
  9. We keep no more fish than needed for consumption and legally allowed and we never wastefully discard fish that are retained.
  10. We practice conservation and use proper release methods for fish not retained.
  11. We use tackle and techniques that avoid the capture of, or minimize the harm to unwanted fish or fish prohibited from retention.
  12. We learn and comply with all angling regulations.
  13. We report any illegal fishing activities we observe to the proper authorities.

    Responsible Anglers Respect The Rights Of Others

    As Ethical Anglers:
  14. We treat other anglers, boaters and other people we might meet in the field with courtesy and respect.
  15. We obtain permission from landowners and never trespass on private lands or waters.
  16. We respect the space of other anglers when fishing from the shore or in a boat and give room to all anglers playing a fish.
Fishing Pier For Beginners

Responsible Anglers Take Care Of Their Own Safety And The Safety Of Others When Fishing

As Ethical Anglers:

  • We observe all operator and safety regulations.
  • We watch our speed and our wake and keep a safe distance from shore based anglers, jetties and other boats.
  • Responsible Anglers Lead By Example
    As Ethical Anglers:
  • We educate fellow anglers, especially new participants about fishing ethics.
  • We promote ethical behavior in the use of aquatic resources through education and example.
  • We maintain and promote public awareness and understanding of the issues surrounding responsible fishing.
  • We promote public awareness of the measures taken by anglers to conserve the resources and protect the environment.

  • Please feel free to print this to pass along to all your fishing buddies!  Print fishing etiquette statement Printer Friendly Version.

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