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Fish and Game Resources for Your State

Fish and Game Commission, Marine Wildlife Commissions

Department of Natural Resources

Find fish and game commissions, marine wildlife commissions and fishing information for your state to help you be a more knowledgeable and a more informed angler. You may have heard the old fisherman's adage before that says 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish. This statement couldn't be more true and it's not always because they are better at casting a lure or baiting a hook.

The top 10% of fishermen today are the best not just because they know how to handle a boat or a fishing rod better but because they employ all the options and strategies available to them to give them a better chance at catching the fish they target. A good fisherman does a whole lot more than just load the gear and go fishing.

They check the marine weather for their region so they know what conditions they will be fishing in and adjust their strategy accordingly. They look at fishing maps and nautical charts to look for areas they believe hold the fish, areas like underwater structures or tidal breaks. They look at the tidal predictions for the waters they are going to fish. They ask questions, they talk to other fishermen and get their fishing report to see what they caught and where. Not all anglers will freely give up their fishing tactics or readily admit where they were fishing so we suggest that if the angler is reluctant to come off the fishing info you need then don't pressure him. That's a good way to get an argument started at the boat ramp.

That is why you should frequently go online for your fishing reports as the veil of secrecy is a little more relaxed. You will find fishing charters be they the Captain or First Mate that will supply an accurate fishing report for their area as this helps them get the word out on their charter business. Many everyday angler's will post their fishing reports online too. So if you want to be in the top 10% or just be a better angler then we suggest using all the fishing tools and resources available to you, take everything we have told you and put it in your fishing arsenal and you will be a better fisherman, you will be boating trophy fish before you know it.

Fishing Laws, Fishing Regulations

Check out fishing laws, fishing regulations and informational resources for anglers in every state. If you can't find it on this site there are direct links to your state DNR Department of Natural Resources or marine resource commission. You can find saltwater fishing records and freshwater fishing records for any given species that is common to your state. We have also put together a collection of resources for your state information on fishing regulations, legal minimum sizes, bag limits, creel limits, and other state fishing laws.

The internet has brought conveniences to today's fishermen such as the opportunity to purchase fishing licenses online which saves time that can now be spent out on the water hooking up with that ever-elusive trophy fish. In addition to buying an online fishing license fishermen and boaters are now able to purchase their boat registration right from the convenience of their own computer. Other important information is also available to fishermen and boaters online including boating safety and boater's education. Also if you are interested in state and national boating laws you may visit out boating and navigation pages.

Whether you are heading out for a day of Florida Fishing, North Carolina, or California Fishing we have something for you. From these pages you can get your region's updated marine weather and buoy weather, you can apply for a fishing license online - ( if your state supports it ) , and you can apply for your boater's registration. We also have all the known saltwater fishing records and freshwater fishing records for your state including your particular states fish and game regulations, minimum state sizes, legal seasons, bag limits and creel limits, and open seasons on any given species. If you are interested in other resources then we have informational links to marine conservation organizations for both the State and Federal level.

Follow these resources below as their is a wealth of fishing knowledge and other information to put in your fishing arsenal and not just for fishermen but for all sportsmen!

Good Luck Fellow Anglers and "Hold His Head Up!"    Fish and game resources, saltwater surf fishing

Fishing Resources by State


New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

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State Fish and Game Fishing Resources

Go here for a link to your state Fish and Game Commission or your State DNR

Click on your state for fishing & boating information

Fish and Game Commisions for your state. State Marine Resources.
Get licensing information, boater's registration, state fishing regulations.
View state fishing records and other important fishing information.

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Fishing guides and fishing charters
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