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Hawaii Minimum Sizes & Regulations

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Regulated Species - Marine Fishes

lineart ahi Ahi
Minimum size 3 pounds (sale)
HAR 13-95
lineart aholehole Aholehole
Minimum size 5 inches
HAR 13-95
lineart amaama ‘Ama‘ama (striped mullet)
Closed season December - March
Minimum size 11 inches
HAR 13-95
HRS 188-44
lineart awa Awa
Minimum size 9 inches (spearing and sale)
HAR 13-95
lineart moi Moi
Closed season June - August
Minimum size 11 inches
Bag limit 15
HAR 13-95
HAR 13-88
lineart oio

Minimum size 14 inches

HAR 13-95
lineart uhu Uhu
Minimum size 12 inches
HAR 13-95
lineart ulua Ulua and papio
Minimum size 10 inches
Minimum size 16 inches for sale
Bag limit 20 (total all species)
HAR 13-95
HAR 13-87
lineart weke Weke and ‘Oama
Minimum size 7 inches
Bag limit 50 ‘oama (‘oama are weke under 7 inches)
HAR 13-95
HAR 13-88
lineart kumu Kumu
Minimum size 10 inches
HAR 13-95
lineart moano Moano
Minimum size 7 inches
HAR 13-95
lineart kala Kala
Minimum size 14 inches
HAR 13-95
lineart opelu kala ‘Opelu kala
Minimum size 16 inches
HAR 13-95
lineart manini Manini
Minimum size 5 inches
HAR 13-95
lineart ehu Ehu
Bag limit 5 (total onaga and ehu, applies to non-commercial fishing only
See additional bottomfishing information
HAR 13-94
lineart onaga Onaga
Minimum size 1 pound (sale)
Bag limit 5 (total onaga and ehu, applies to non-commercial fishing only)
See additional bottomfishing information

HAR 13-95
HAR 13-94

lineart opakapaka

Minimum size 1 pound (sale)
See additional bottomfishing information

HAR 13-95
HAR 13-94
lineart uku

Minimum size 1 pound (sale)

HAR 13-95
lineart akule Akule and Halalu
Unlawful to take akule under
8-1/2 inches with net July through October, or possess or sell more than 200 pounds of akule under
8-1/2 inches per day from July through October
See additional akule net rules
HAR 13-95
lineart opelu

No minimum mesh size;
Unlawful to use animal bait except with hook-and-line in waters of South Kona between Kiilae-Keokea and Kapua-Kaulanamauna boundaries

HAR 13-95
lineart nehu

Bag limit one gallon (home consumption);
Nets over 50 feet for commercial use only;
Bait license required for commercial use;
Unlawful to sell or trade dried or cured nehu

HAR 13-95
HAR 13-90
HRS 188-45
lineart iao ‘Iao
Commercial use only, bait license required;
Unlawful to sell or trade dried or cured ‘iao
HAR 13-95
HRS 188-45
Other Baitfish
Marquesan sardine, piha, tabai, and threadfin shad
Season open; small mesh nets for commercial use only, bait license required, no bag limit
HAR 13-74

Other Regulated Marine Vertebrates

lineart honu Honu
(Sea turtles)
No open season
Federal laws also apply to these endangered and threatened species
HRS 195D-4
lineart monk seal ‘Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua
(Hawaiian monk seal)
Unlawful to molest, kill, capture, or possess at any time;
Federal laws also apply to these endangered species
HRS 195D-4

Scientific names of regulated species

Hawaiian or common name, Scientific name (or recognized synonym)

Aholehole: Kuhlia sandvicensis, K. xenura
‘Ama‘ama (striped mullet): Mugil cephalus
Awa: Chanos chanos
Kala: Naso unicornis, N. brevirostris, N. annulatus
Kumu: Parupeneus porphyreus
Manini: Acanthurus triostegus sandvicensis
Moano: Parupeneus. multifasciatus
Moi: Polydactylus sexfilis
‘O‘io: Albula glossodonta
‘Opelu kala: Naso hexacanthus
Uhu: Scarus dubius, S. psittacus, S. rubroviolaceus, Chlorurus sordidus, C. perspicillatus
Ulua and papio: Caranx ignobilis, C. lugubris, C. melampygus, C. sexfasciatus
Carangoides equula, C. ferdau, C. orthogrammus

Weke and oama: Mulloidicthys flavolineatus

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