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The fishing in Louisiana has and still is recovering from the massive hurricane that struck the coast back in 2005. Louisiana fishing, everything from the commercial shrimp boats to recreational charter boat fishing has come back to the lakes, rivers, and Gulf waters of Louisiana. The city of New Orleans is still destroyed and probably will be for some time but the fishing industry scoming back alone is at least some well needed good news. The Louisiana fishing charters and fishing guides that worked near the coast were nearly all wiped out of business and unfortuneately some Louisiana fishing outfits never returned to fish. We are pleased to report that the ones that resumed their chartering and guiding duties ae catching plenty of fish and the future looks very good.

This Louisiana fishing page has many links to fishing information sites that will help you answer any questions you have about fishing in Louisiana. We have links below to the forum, the Louisiana fishing reports page, and the Louisiana fishing charters page if you are looking for a good guide or charter boat. We also have many outside links including a link to Louisiana Department of Natural Resources where you can read up on the current fishing laws, license information and current events about Louisiana fishing.

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Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries
PO Box 98000
Baton Rouge, LA 70898-9000
(504) 765-2800

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Louisiana Fishing Coastal Conservation Association - Lousiana Div
  Trout Unlimited
  Louisiana Marine Conservation Directory
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Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Federal Waters
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Louisiana Fishing Records:
  Louisiana Fishing Records
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