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Mississippi Saltwater Fishing Records
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Mississippi Saltwater Fishing Records

Saltwater Fishing Records

Amberjack, Greater 93 lb 4 oz 11/22/1989 Charles J. Floyd
Barracuda, Great 44 lb 2.3 oz 5/26/1996 Ray Knight
Bigeye 1 lb 13.92 oz 5/2/2003 Michael Suarez
Bluefish 16 lb 6 oz 1984 Joe Krebs
Bonefish 4 oz 11/4/1999 Scott Floyd
Brotula, Bearded 8 lb 4 oz 8/13/2000 Dick Wilson
Catfish, Gafftopsail 9 lb. 9.92 oz 8/26/2000 Shane Ardis
Catfish, Hardhead 2lb 10 oz 5/18/2003 Christal Williams
Chub, Yellow 9 lb  10 oz 7/30/1992 Melvin Raymond, Jr.
Cobia 106 lb 13 oz 5/2/1996 Randy McDaniel
Croaker, Atlantic 4 lb 12 oz 11/11/1990 Tom Pellegrin
Dolphin 62 lb 1981/85 D.L. Siegel/Leo Muldoon
Drum, Black 65 lb 9.6 oz  5/26/2002 Chris Mason
Drum, Red 44 lb 1970/1973 L.E. Renike/J. Hughes
Eel, Conger 12 lb 8.2 oz 8/3/2002 Stephen E. Wilson
Eel, King 2 lb 6.5 oz 7/19/03 Dick Wilson
Eel, King Snake 10 lb 12.8 oz 8/02/03 Chris Mosley
Eel, Reticulate 3 lb 2.88 oz 5/2/2003 Stephen E. Wilson
Flounder, Southern 9 lb 15 oz 8/16/1986 Roger Sheldon
Grouper, Black 11lb .16 oz 3/24/01 Michael L. Allen
Grouper, Gag 58lb 4.8oz 8/21/01 Kenny Kuhn
Grouper, Warsaw 105 lb 10 oz 7/4/1991 Darell Schmid
Grouper (unclass.) 47 lb 14.2 oz 1980 Dr. Kenneth Ramsey 
Gulf Toadfish 2 lb 2/18/02 Marty Wilson
Hind, Rock 3 lb 2 oz 8/4/02 Stephen E. Wilson
 Jack, Almaco 16 lb 11.2 oz 8/2/03 Chris Mosley
Jack, Crevalle 48lb .5oz 7/19/85 Brian D. Pelton
Jack, Horse-eye 14lb 12.5oz 7/6/02 Stephen E. Wilson
Kingfish, Gulf 1 lb 12 oz 5/24/1999 Mark Sepe
Kingfish, Southern 1 lb 14 oz 11/12/1985 Scott A. Walter
Ladyfish 3 lb 7.35 oz 8/28/2003 John Townsend
Little Yunny (Bonito) 29 lb 8.8 oz 4/15/1994 Jean A. Thornton
Mackerel, King 64lbs  8 oz 11/19/1999 Dan Abshire Jr.
Mackerel, Spanish 8 lb 1984 Ron Dillistone
Marlin, Blue 1054 lb 9.6 oz 6/7/2002 Barry D. Carr
Marlin, White 80 lb 3.2oz 9/15/2000 Joseph Guidry
Moray, Blacktail 4 lb 13.92 oz 8/26/2003 Dick Wilson
Moray, Purplemouth 3 lb 1 oz 7/4/2003 Dick Wilson
Moray, Reticulate 3 lb 2.88 oz 5/2/2003 Stephen E. Wilson
Oilfish 50 lb .32 oz 3/24/2002 Kenneth Saxman
Pinfish 3 lb  5.6 oz 9/4/1992 William D. Fountain
Porgy, Red 2 lb 1.28 oz 5/2/2003 Stephen Wilson
Pompano, African 36 lb 4 oz 6/23/1997 Lawrence F. Pichon
Pompano, Florida 4 lb  15.7 oz 2/9/2002 Jack Alexander
Puffer, Smooth 5 lb 04 oz 5/16/2000 Shawn Hyter
Runner, Blue 6 lb  10 oz 7/4/2003 Dick Wilson
Runner, Rainbow 18 lb 12 oz 7/30/1994 Paul A. Parnigoni
Sailfish 62 lb 1963 Eddie Jones
Scamp 24 lb .48 oz 5/25/2001 Doug Nelson, Jr.
Scorpionfish, Spinycheek 2 lb 15.8 oz 5/2/2003 Marty Wilson
Sea Bass, Rock 14.72 oz 8/20/92 Robert Bell
Seatrout, Sand 6 lb 4 oz 1977 Wayne Roch
Seatrout, Spotted 10 lb 6 oz 1973 Francis Creel
Shark, Great Hammerhead 436 lb 14 oz 7/5/2002 Robert J. Garrett
Shark, Scalloped Hammerhead 268 lb 8/8/1998 Warren Jones
Shark, Spinner 90 lb 11 oz 7/5/2003 Tommy Saucier
Shark (unclass.) 885 lb 1983 Bruce Bartling
Sheepshead 19 lb 10 oz 1966 Roy Groue, Jr.
Silver Perch 4 oz 5/18/2002 Samantha Goodfellow
Snapper, Gray 13 lb 7.68 oz 6/14/2003 Chad Crawford
Snapper, Lane 8 lb 3.2 oz 8/25/2001 Stephen E. Wilson
Snapper, Red 37 lb 11.2 oz 8/24/1995 John J. Bullock
Snapper, Vermillion 4 lb 11 oz 8/25/2001 Gery Heffner
Spadefish, Atlantic 8 lb 1 oz 5/15/2003 Destin P. O'Brien
Tarpon 167 lb 5/18/2001 Dr. Keith Goodfellow
Trigger, Gray 8 lb 13.12 oz 8/23/2003 Josh Brown
Tripletail 37 lb 12 oz 1972 B. Gibson
Tuna, Blackfin 33 lbs 5/4/2000 John Tillman
Tuna, Bluefin 837 lb 1.6 oz 6/11/1999 Bob Struwe
Tuna, Skipjack 26 lb 4 oz 6/21/2003 Thomas L. Reynolds, III
Tuna,Yellowfin 205 lb 12.8 oz 6/9/2001 Robert Landingham
Wahoo 111 lb 3.2 oz 5/16/1998 Jeffery A. Lee



Mississippi Sportfishing Record Rules

  • Fish must be hooked, fought, and brought to net or gaff by the applicant with no help from any person, except that another person may operate the net or gaff. Catches on hand lines or other non-sporting equipment will not be considered.
  • Conventional Records: Fish must be legally caught in a sporting manner on rod, reel and line or pole and line, and hooked with any legal hook or lure.
  • Fly Fishing Records:  Fish must be legally caught on a rod, reel, and line using conventional fly fishing tackle. The lure used must be a recognized type of artificial fly. Treble hooks are prohibited. The use of any other type of lure or natural bait, either singularly or attached to the fly is prohibited. The fly used must be submitted with the application.
  • Two (2) color photographs should be submitted with each application:
    1. One (1) of angler and fish.
    2. One (1) showing a clear, close-up side view of the fish.
      Photos become the property of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources.
  • Fish MUST be weighed on certified scales or scales legal for trade, i.e. grocery store scales, etc. The weighing must take place in the presence of two (2) witnesses other than the applicant, who MUST sign the application form or a separate statement attesting that they witnessed the OFFICIAL weight. NO provision for weight loss will be allowed. The actual weight of the fish AT THE TIME OF WEIGHING will be the OFFICIAL WEIGHT. It is also desirable to include signature(s) on the application form of the witness(es), if any, to the actual catching of the fish. Witnesses to the weight and catch CANNOT be the same persons. Rodeo entries are considered valid and acceptable weights.
  • Length of the fish must be measured in a straight line from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail AND from the tip of the snout to the fork of the tail.
  • Girth of the fish will be measured around the thickest portion of the body.
  • Applications for saltwater species SHALL be positively identified AND verified by a Professional Fisheries Biologist and/or a Rodeo Weighmaster.
  • Only fish caught in Mississippi waters or fish caught in adjacent waters and landed in a Mississippi port will be considered.
  • The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources reserves the right to further check fish identification or verification of witnesses and to refuse any application that is questionable. It will be considered “Just Cause” for disqualification of current application and any previous records established by anyone who knowingly falsifies a Record Application. All rules will be strictly adhered to. The decision of the Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources will be.
Application to be considered for a record

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