Wisconsin Fishing Records
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Wisconsin Fishing Records
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Wisconsin Fishing Records


Fishing Records

Species Weight Length Location Angler County Date
Bigmouth Buffalo 54 lbs 0 oz   Burlingame Lake  unknown Burnett 6/10/1988
Black Bullhead 5 lbs 8 oz   Big Falls Flowage  unknown Rusk 9/2/1989
Black Crappie 4 lbs 8 oz   Gile Flowage  unknown Iron 8/12/1967
Bluegill Sunfish 2 lbs 9.8 oz   Lake Michigan  unknown Brown 8/2/1995
Brook Trout 10 lbs 1 oz   Lake Michigan  unknown Ozaukee 1/8/1999
Brown Bullhead 3 lbs 12 oz   Nelson Lake  unknown Sawyer 7/31/1972
Brown Trout 35 lbs 1.9 oz   Lake Michigan  unknown Kewaunee 9/8/1996
Burbot 18 lbs 2 oz 37.8" Superior Lake  unknown Bayfield 2/2/2002
Carp 57 lbs 2 oz   Lake Wisconsin  unknown Columbia 8/28/1966
Channel Catfish 44 lbs 0 oz   Wisconsin River  unknown Columbia 1962
Chinook (King) Salmon 44 lbs 15 oz   Lake Michigan  unknown Door 7/19/1994
Coho Salmon 26 lbs 1.9 oz   Lake Michigan  unknown Milwaukee 8/21/1999
Drum 35 lbs 4 oz   Mississippi River  unknown Crawford 8/29/1992
Flathead Catfish 74 lbs 5.1 oz 53" Mississippi River  unknown Vernon 3/30/2001
Green Sunfish 1 lbs 9 oz   Wind Lake  unknown Racine 8/23/1967
Hybrid Bass 13 lbs 14.2 oz 28" Columbia Lake  unknown Columbia 3/16/2002
Lake Sturgeon 170 lbs 10 oz   Yellow Lake  unknown Burnett 9/22/1979
Lake Trout 47 lbs 0 oz   Superior Lake  unknown Bayfield 9/99/1946
Largemouth Bass 11 lbs 3 oz   Ripley Lake  unknown Jefferson 10/12/1940
Muskellunge 69 lbs 11 oz   Chippewa Flowage  unknown Sawyer 10/20/1949
Northern Pike 38 lbs 0 oz   Puckaway Lake  unknown Green Lake 8/6/1952
Pink Salmon 8 lbs 5.4 oz 25.38" Lake Michigan  unknown Kewaunee 8/24/2001
Pumpkinseed Sunfish 1 lbs 1 oz   Schmidt Pond  unknown Ozaukee 6/17/1997
Rainbow Trout 27 lbs 2 oz   Lake Michigan  unknown Kewaunee 7/26/1997
Rock Bass 2 lbs 15 oz   Shadow Lake  unknown Waupaca 6/2/1990
Sauger 5 lbs 13 oz   Lake Wisconsin  unknown Columbia 11/8/1988
Shovelnose Sturgeon 7 lbs 5 oz   Mississippi River  unknown Vernon 9/7/1998
Smallmouth Bass 9 lbs 1 oz   Indian Lake  unknown Oneida 6/21/1950
Splake 14 lbs 7.7 oz 32" Lake Michigan  unknown Marinette 4/14/2001
Striped Bass 13 lbs 8.3 oz   Columbia Lake  unknown Columbia 2/20/1998
Tiger Muskellunge 51 lbs 3 oz   Lake Vieux Desert  unknown Vilas 7/16/2001
Walleye 18 lbs 0 oz   High Lake  unknown Vilas 9/16/1933
Warmouth 1 lbs 1 oz 10.5" Eagle Lake  unknown Racine 5/26/2001
White Bass 4 lbs 6 oz   Okauchee Lake  unknown Waukesha 9/24/1977
White Crappie 3 lbs 2 oz   Black River  unknown Clark 1/8/2001
White Perch 0 lbs 12.3 oz 12.5" Lake Michigan - Sturgeon Bay unknown Door 7/31/1954
Yellow Bullhead 3 lbs 5 oz   Nelson Lake  unknown Sawyer 6/6/1983
Yellow Perch 3 lbs 4 oz   Lake Winnebago  unknown Winnebago 1952
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