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Fishing Website Design, Marine Web Site Designs
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Website Designs - Marine, Fishing, Charters & Guide Sites

Website Designs and Marine Related Web Sites - Fishing charters, guide businesses, and outdoors related websites designed and built to highlight your outdoor recreational sports business. From basic to high end fishing website designs, I can build you a website that will rank high in the search ranks and bring you customers from fishing circles everywhere. Sell fishing tackle? I can build you an online tackle shop and put you high in the search rankings for the term "fishing tackle". It doesn't matter what your service is or what you sell I can get your business online and show you the real power of the internet.

Offering a wide range of designs from a minimum basic setup that will get your business online to more complex custom turnkey websites designed from the ground up with complete web presence with a fishing reports page, picture gallery, and top search engine rankings.

See My New Web Design, SEO, and Hosting Site -

CONTACT for a risk free proposal - NO Obligations what so ever.

Contact Joe for a Website Proposal

Top Search Engine Optimization Specialist for Fishing & Marine Websites

Fishing website designs built with custom search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing for your new fishing website. I also offer SEO services for existing websites.

With my search engine optimization techniques I can put you on page #1 of the major search engines for your business search keywords and level the internet playing field for you with your local competitors! My search engine optimization works on my own sites and it will work on yours. I will bring you to the top of the ranks! I can't promise the #1 spot, NO ONE can but I can bring you top ten results for your most competitive keywords. Do you have a competitor sitting way over you in the search rankings? I can put you on top of that competitor. If you have a website and you aren't in the top ten to 20 then you have't even experienced what the web can really do for your business - NOT even close!

Building quality web pages SPECIAL OFFER - All new fishing charter and fishing guide websites will get 2 free charter boat listingsfor 1 year on my own high traffic websites. One guide listing will appear on this site and one guide listing on The charter boat and fishing guide directory on is also a very popular guide directory and gets lots of angler traffic everyday.
The 2 guide listings equal a $200.00 value and are yours absolutely free with any new website!

Fishing Charter Website Design Features

  • Basic Minimum Website Designs - Usually a Home Page with 4 Supporting Pages
  • Advance Website Designs - Custom Home Page with Unlimited Supporting Pages.
  • All designs are flexible as we can build 5 pages or 500 pages
  • All sites start with the items below and we add on from there to create your custom package:
    1. Custom Home Page designed to highlight your fishing service.
    2. Meet the Captain - Photo of the Captain and his qualifications
    3. Boat Page - All about the boat or similar for a non fishing charter site
    4. Rates Page - Display all your rates - 1/2 day Full day, etc
    5. Links Page - Important for marketing
    6. Picture gallery- Display the days catch - Pics of customers

Custom Website Content Writing

  • Web page content authoring and editing
  • Complete site graphics - Icons and banners
  • We work together to properly bring your fishing region into the site for the best possible local search results.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Positioning

  • Complete Website SEO, - SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization
  • Also Complete Keyword and Content Optimization
  • Advanced Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Manual (By Hand) Site Submission to the Search Engines - It makes a difference
  • Marketing - Links from Sites with Related Subject and Content
  • Article placements
  • Fishing Report placements

Possible Website Add On Features

  • Fishing Reports Option - Easily Post Your Daily or Weekly Fishing Reports
  • Discussion Forum - Message Boards
  • Guestbook
  • Image Gallery
  • Local Weather Page
  • Other Customized Pages or Specialty Items
  • CPanel Hosting at $157.00 per year

If I am not fishing I am usually building fishing websites and vice-versa - My prices are fair, I guarantee my work, and I manage the marketing for your new site even after I have built and turned it over to you.

Let me put my fishing knowledge and my website knowledge together for you, I can show you the real power of the web thru advanced site marketing and top search engine rankings.

Web builders that can build you a 'pretty' site are a dime a dozen. It doesn't matter how pretty your site looks, if customers can't find it then you have wasted your time and money. I can build you a "pretty" site but MORE IMPORTANTLY I can also get you to the top of the search engines.

I can put you on the first page of the 3 major search engines- And then you can let the web work for you!

Contact Joe for a Website Proposal

Domain Names For Sale Email Joe at

Finished Projects
Saltwater Fishing at Fintalk
Sport fishing website designers A Few of my search terms and rankings. I can do the same for you for your agreed upon keywords for your website. All these keywords are accurate as of JUNE 28th, 2006 and fluctuate as the search engines update the rankings every so often. In other words what is on page 1 today can be on page 2 next month and vice versa.

Saltwater Fishing Resources
Saltwater Fishing Charters

Finished Website - - June 8, 2005

Sportfishing website designed and built. was launched in late June 2005 and is seeing some spectacular search results.
Over a year old now this site is producing traffic as expected with and is ranking very well for our targeted keywords. We have also decided to go back and add a state by state charter directory which has really increased the traffic for this site.

Contact Joe for a Website Proposal

UPDATE: is now benefitting from some great search ranks on all 3 major search engines.
Fishing Charters, Fishing Guides are a couple great terms on MSN search
and our main term was freshwater fishing charters which is currently page 1 on MSN and page 1 on Google search.

If you aren't on page 3 or higher then your website is invisible to the average user - you will get very few customers. It is an internet fact that less than 5% of internet surfers or searchers will look past page 3 of any search result.

I can put you on page #1 for our agreed upon keywords for your region

I can put you on page one of the top search engines which will mean all the difference in the world between a successful website and one that just sits deep in the search ranks rarely if ever seen by new customers. It is a fact that less than 5% of searchers go past page 3 which means most sites might as well be invisible.

Finished Website - - March 18, 2006

Finished website with custom SEO - www.floridaflatsangling.comThis charter boat website was designed and built for a top Captain in the Vero Beach region of Florida's Indian River Lagoon. Captain Steve Martin wanted a nice looking site but more importantly wanted to rank high for our agreed upon keywords. Keywords that would increase his business from the web by leaps and bounds. Captain Steve wanted Vero Beach Fishing keywords and I told him I could get that and some Cocoa Beach fishing keywords.
Remember this site is new as of March and top rankings take time but here are some of the terms we optimized the website for:

Vero beach charter fishing - Page #1 MSN
Cocoa Beach fishing charter - Page #1 MSN
indian river lagoon fishing charter - Page #1 MSN

Please be aware that this site was built new from scratch and it is Google's policy to hold back new sites as long as 12 months. MSN is usually a great sign of future Google and Yahoo ranks but for new sites it does take some extra time to rank well on Google and Yahoo. If anybody tells you any different then they are NOT being honest with you.

Contact Joe for a Website Proposal - Hatteras Inlet Sport Fishing Completed

Sport fishing websites Main keywords - Hatteras Sport Fishing - A brand new website for Captain Mike Romeo of North Carolina and the Outer Banks fishing region that includes Cape Hatteras, Oregon Inlet, and even Virginia Beach.

Captain Mike and rank on page 1 of Google, page 1 of MSN, and page 1 of Yahoo for many Cape Hatteras, Oregon Inlet, and Virginia Beach fishing type keywords.

All ranks are subject to change or fluctuate a bit but at the time of this writing, 03-25-2007, those are the correct rankings.
More Keywords... Oregon Inlet Sport Fishing,
Cape Hatteras Fishing,
Oregon Inlet deep sea Fishing,
Oregon Inlet sportfishing

Completed Project - Virginia Beach Fishing and Sport Fishing in Hatteras

Sport fishing website designers Main Keywords - Virginia Beach Fishing - A Virginia Beach sport fishing website for Captain Bob Robinson. Capt Bob fishes out of VA Beach and North Carolina so he had to rank on top for two separate regions.

Before started work on it had no rankings. It was invisible after 2 plus years online. Approximately 3 hits per day. Now Capt Bobs site averages 75 to 90 unique (NEW) hits everyday. He ranks for just about every Virginia Beach fishing search you can think of and his business has increased dramatically.

Captain Bob now has the internet and the POWER of the WEB working for him! The smartest thing he could do for his business in todays digital world!

Completed Project- Costa Rica Fishing

Sport fishing website designers Main Keyword - Costa Rica Fishing

Definitely one of the more competitive keywords. A site in a very competitive market like this can take up to a year to reach the Google front page. But as of Jan '07 this site has reached the number 10 overall spot on Google which is the front page. I do expect some fluctuation from page 1 to page 2 and back again but in the long run this Costa Rica fishing site will settle out on page 1.

Finished Websites and Optimization Projects

Completed Project- Lake Texoma Fishing

Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Main Keyword - Lake Texoma Fishing

For Rick and Betsy Sproat. Rick is a Texoma fishing guide located in NE Texas. Rick already had a self-made site that his wife Betsy created. She did a fine job on the website but couldn't quite get the ranks they needed to be competitive with the other Texoma fishing guides.

But now Rick and Betsy already are on their way up the ranks and by spring '07 should be on Google front page. They are already MSN front page for their main keyword.

Completed Project - Fort Lauderdale Fishing

Sport fishing website search engine optimization Main keywords - Fort Lauderdale Fishing - A brand new website for Captain Rick Brady of the Fort Lauderdale and Miami sportfishing region of SE Florida.

This site is entirely to new to rank well yet but like my other sites Captain Rick's Marlin My Darlin site will gradually and steadily make it's way to the fron pages of Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

As this site ages we will post updates until we reach the Google page 1.

Completed Project- Daytona Fishing

Daytona Sport fishing Main Keyword - Daytona Fishing
More keywords - Daytona Sport Fishing, and Daytona Sportfishing

Another one of the more competitive keywords, These Florida fishing towns, especially on the East Coast are very competitive in the keyword department. Remember there are ONLY 10 front page spots.

How much would you say it is worth to have one of the coveted top 10 spots on Google? A top ten or Google front page means you are beating out THOUSANDS of other sites and webpages competing for the same. It means you are NEVER going to have to spend big money on advertising ever again.

Completed Project - Fort Lauderdale Sport Fishing

Fort Lauderdale fishing Main Keyword - Fort Lauderdale Fishing - Top 5 Ranking
Another very competitive keyword. FinTalk Fishing completed the search engine optimization for Top Shot Fishing about 8 months ago.

This site has had time for our work to take affect and they are currently as of Jan '07 ranked number # 1 for the main keyword of Fort Lauderdale fishing. But they also rank front page on all 3 major search engines for numerous top keyword phrases.

A few keywords for Top Shot: Fort Lauderdale Wreck Fishing also Fort Lauderdale Sport Fishing and many more...

Completed Project- Punta Cana Fishing Site

Punta Cana fishing Main Keywords - Punta Cana Fishing

At the time of this writing First Class Fishing is ranked # 1 on Google. Although a number 1 position may not always hold form we do expect this site to remain in the top five on all 3 major search engines as it is now.

As we still manage the SEO for this site we expect better results for keywords like Dominican Republic Fishing and other top keywords for the region.

Current Project- Image of temporary home page

Sport fishing website designers SEO - This project still in the works. The main keywords we will be shooting for here will be:
SST Charts, Sea Surface Temperatures, Ocean Temperatures, and a few other highly competitive keywords.

This is's own little project that I am doing in my spare time. Since I have very little spare time this pet project will be awhile in the making. But when finished will be something I believe every angler will use.

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